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4E Session Report: End of an Story Arc


OOC: Warning: The following can be ridiculous and some people may think we were having badwrongfun. Reader's discretion is advised.

The group was on it's way to blow up the base of the reoccurring villain group called "the jesters".
They encountered them thrice in their adventure life. Every time they met them (and killed them) the next time they would encounter the one they killed and one additional Jester. And by blowing up the base they hope that the Jesters won't ever regenerate and stay dead. (Like cylons & the base stars from battlestar galactica)

# Background Information #

It started with the group looking for a necromancer that made some trouble in a neighborhood. They found the Jester and fought him.
He was an excellent knife juggler and threw, to the surprise of the group, dolphins that exploded and set the area around them on fire.
It turned the Cellar of the building that they were in into an oven. :D

The 2nd time they met them when they were looking to extract a nobleman's servant from a quarantine zone. A local crimeboss supposedly knew where the servant was so the group sought him out. The crimeboss also had some weird blueprints for a device that is screwed onto the spine of a living being to mind control it which the jesters were after.
The new addition was a Jester that had a Jack o lantern for his head while swinging a flail around and throwing sharks that exploded into acid. The patches of fire and acid endangered the life of the crimeboss too so the group had to play around those zones keeping themselves and the boss save.

3rd time the group broke into a vault of a noble family as they (unbeknownst to the family) had an art piece that had an ancient spell in it to mindcontrol a large group of people. The newest addition to the Jesters was a Hellequin. A Bruiser that punched the group good and threw orca whales that exploded into ice.
This fight the group only survived by the skin of their teeth. 3 crits in a row from the downed Avenger (played by [MENTION=20307]Jan van Leyden[/MENTION]) ended the fight in the players favor and avoiding a TPK. (Crit on his death saving throw, and then 2 crits on attacks killing the last 2 Jesters standing)

# Actual Report #

After some (more or less) glorious gathering of components for a self-made bomb, dwarven ruins on the way and some minor hindrances the group arrived at the jester base. They were then greeted by some portals that would teleport you to a different room at random. After some trial and error (and fighting some foes on the way) the groups mage figured out that it is possible to select where those portals will bring you to and she was able to guide the rest of the group to the heart of the jester base.
While scouting around, the Jesters arrived and again another member among their midst. A dolphin with a monocle wearing a pope hat and a minigun on its shoulder. One player of course started protesting that this is ridiculous. "Where does he get the ammunition for it?" (I am proud of my players :) ). Last fight the group already guessed what a new jester would throw around. "Probably a real Whale, like a Blue-whale or something". It threw human children that exploded into radiant light.

Of course the group went for the new guy in a second. He was the first one down. Couldn't even get off all his cool tricks. They also controlled the others very well so that those couldn't fire off all their threatening attacks. After the 3rd one went down, the last Jester standing had enough. He recalled all his Jester companions and they merged into a JesterZord Power Ranger style.

This second phase of the fight went rather quickly thanks to the Runepriest's deathly rune daily and some bad saving throws (until save every hit against it you get bonus damage and then the damage increases by 1). That bonus damage stacked up rather quickly.
But I was fine with that. (insert evil DM grin here) Beaten and low on Health and Surges, the group took a short rest and then the Knight poked at the remains of the JesterZord. Noting that they were not dead but still breathing. The Jester then spoke the magic words:"You FOOLS! This isn't even our final form! Wait until you see our TRUE power! HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Powering up and turning into a small female Jester. The final fight ensued with the kid Jester moving in a blink of an eye around the room and punching the people really hard. Thanks to the short rest though they were able to get the better of the kid Jester.

Overall it was over the top, it was glorious, it was fun. A good ending to an ark. And then...

So it was time to plant the bomb. It is a self-made bomb where you add all the ingredients, shake it all up really hard and then run as fast as you can. The group came up with a plan to get out quickly. First the mage escorted the two dwarves and the goblin sorcerer out of the base past the random teleporter and returned to the heart of the base where the Minotaur Knight would shake the bomb and then both ran like hell.

The Knight had different plans and convinced the Mage to get out too, killing only him in case something went wrong with the bomb. (They weren't sure how much time they had to run away)

The mage returned to the guys waiting outside telling them the Knight's plan. The goblin didn't like that plan and ran back inside at the same time the Knight primed the bomb. They missed each other as the Knight had bad luck with the random portals, him missing the ability to get where he wanted to. Seeing the bomb going off soon, the goblin turned around and got lost in the portals too. After some portal hopping (and time running) they finally meet up and the goblin was able to guide them to the exit. But too late. The bomb went off. In a last attempt the Knight threw himself onto the goblin, covering her and taking the full force of the explosion.

Trying to resuscitate the Knight was in vain. The group returned to the surface with a job done and a dead comrade.