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Pathfinder 1E Shackled City - Golarion?


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I am suiting up to DM the SCAP for my group and there has been some discussion of "where" to place Cauldron. And while I don't like PF's "house rules" all that much, I do like the setting of Golarion.

So, where in Golarion would *you* put Cauldron? I am contemplating putting it near the Stolen Lands so the PCs can interact with their former (Kingmaker was previous campaign) kingdom of Viridia.

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I placed the Shackled City of Cauldron in the Shackled Isles, also the location of Paizo's new Pirate based AP. The tropical climate and isolated nature of the islands made it a good spot for me. I added a little backstory about how the Cauldron and Sasserine (from Savage Tide) were actually colonies of the Cheliax Empire that lost contact after the civil war. You can see the brief write up I did at....

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