Shadowdark books are in! Fulfillment begins in the next day or two!


I crit!
Go fill out your backer survey if you haven’t and note this is a good time to check any other pledges you have. You could have cool things waiting for you.

Greetings, Shadowdark RPG backers!

Fulfillment Is Set To Start!​

I come bearing exciting news: We're going to begin fulfillment in the next day or two!

The ShadowWagons carrying all the books made it safely to the warehouse, even though one suffered an engine failure on a New Jersey highway that was a bit harrowing.

Our ever-patient account rep over at Fulfillrite (shoutout to Sol) is checking everything over one last time to make sure we're ready to send the thousands of orders out from the fully stocked warehouse!


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Got mine yesterday. I was surprised to see they are digest sized. As for the quality of the books, I'd say above average but could also see them breaking under heavy use. I browsed it and I like the no walls of text approach. For $119 I'd recommend it. Think I'll make a mage, and shall call him Merkin LeVayton....


Agreed, they did a good job handling a project that blew up much larger than they expected. I'd back her next project without hesitation if I like whatever she's selling next.
Yeah, I agree. Once it shipped it was here in 2 days. And they were always transparent and gave frequent updates so I'd say that was successfully fulfilled, if not a little late, but I got what I paid for and am looking forward to playing it.

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