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Shadowdark Creater Designs a Dungeon with your input.


I crit!
We're designing a free Shadowdark RPG mini-dungeon for everyone as our $500k Kickstarter stretch goal! Join Kelsey with your ideas and feedback as we create a new little dungeon where characters will meet their doom... er... EARN SOME XP... and have a worthy adventure! After we're done, Kelsey will turn this into a fully-polished document that gets shared with everyone for free (link will be added here and shared on all socials). Thanks, everyone, for your support for Shadowdark RPG! 😃 🦇 The fully-funded Shadowdark RPG Kickstarter will be open for LATE PLEDGES soon: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shadowdarkrpg/shadowdark-rpg-old-school-gaming-modernized

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