Shadowrun 5E - July 11th


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So, I've never played Shadowrun. I intend to use this new edition as a jumping on point and check it out for the first time. I know the basic premise, and I've seen the game, just never played it.

So the 5E PDF will be available 11th July and the print version in August.

Also they *Catalyst Game Labs) have put a bunch of rpeviews for free on DTRPG:

Anyone else excited about this game? Planning on picking it up? Got some info they can share - what's cool about it, what's not?

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I'm like you in not having played Shadowrun before, but looking forward to the new edition to get into it.

I managed to get in the preview game for free RPG day and had fun with it. The whole table, including the GM were new so there was a bit of learning curve going on. We probably missed some of the more fiddley rules, but the general mechanics were straight forward enough for us to just wing it when we weren't sure how things were supposed to work. For people that are more familiar with older editions, it seems like knowledge should transfer somewhat, as we were looking at a 4th edition book for clarification of a few things that were just vaguely described in the preview (mostly for combat mechanics and how some of the stats of the pregen characters came together).

The scenario played pretty quick (the group was hired to rescue a guy's daughter who got kidnapped after he was stuck with debts he couldn't pay). I actually expected some additional complications at the end, since we finished in about an hour or so. In a normal campaign I could see a lot more going on in a night. We didn't get to see much magic, since being new players we avoided the shaman pregen. Other than that it seemed like a decent introduction to the system. I'll probably get the pdf when the full version comes out and get ready to suggest a one shot night if our normal D&D game has missing people.


I'd like to get the print copy, but I won't if I have to pay separately for the PDF (I use an iPad for carting around gaming books). Does Catalyst Game Labs participate in Bits and Mortar?


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I played it a couple of times in the past but we never got beyond one-off sessions. I really dig the setting and the novels are entertaining, but the RPG always fell rather flat for me. I also strongly dislike the (old?) dice pool mechanics. So, I'm not really interested in the new edition.


Shadowrun is a really interesting setting that I can only recommend.
The biggest problems most players will face is likely the setting itself and its possibilities. It is a lot harder for characters to operate freely like in a fantasy settings where the PCs are usually wandering heroes who are not touched much by the law. In Shadowrun, staying of the radar of the various powers is a bigger part of the game and preparation becomes a lot more important to plan the best course of action, to not walk into a trap or to even know who you are working for. Not like in many fantasy games where the PCs charge into a dungeon with hardly any idea what to expect.


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I haven't played Shadowrun since 1e, but I did purchase a copy of 2e and 3e. I just never took the time to buy a copy of 4e so I'm definitely going to buy a copy of 5e.


From what I've read and discussed with a friend, it seems like Shadowrun 5th ed is a refinement and hopefully improvement over the 4th ed Anniversary edition.


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Not going to buy it, but if our SR GM gets into it, we might switch to 5e from 4e.

I didn't play SR that much, the more experienced players would still like us to go back to 3e.


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Yeah they are discussing the pros and cons already. I'm keeping out of it as I do not know enough about 3e to have a reasonable opinion ;)

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