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Shadowrun 6E released at Gen Con


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I haven't seen it myself, but I heard it sold out. You could get it at Gen Con, but the main release is some time in October with the PDF maybe a month beforehand.

There's already errata out (10 pages worth!). I don't know if those will make it into the October release.
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If, at time of release, you have 10 pages of errata already... something was not good with your playtest, review, and/or editing processes. That does not give me much confidence.


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It's getting REALLY slammed on their own board, reddit, and a couple of other rpg sites because it's riddled with typos, errata, contradictions, missing tables, etc. Really not good. I was looking forward to picking it up just to read it (never would get around to playing it) but not so much now.


Yeah, I've been watching a just-started Twitch-streamed RPG using Shadowrun 6e. They're only into their prologue episodes and they're already having to heavily houserule their campaign just to cut through the internal contradictions.



Dunno about the game itself, but that errata sheet makes it look rough indeed. Not just the number of errata, but the types of things like table edits and heavy rules modifications. Even the typo ones seem to belie some poor editing.

aramis erak

If the errata is worse than MegaTraveller, it's time to change the editorial staff. MT had 3 pages of errata for the core 3 books at release, caused by computer incompatibilities (Mac vs MS Dos) and complete relayout at GDW.

I cannot recall a boxed game from GDW that didn't have at least some errata. Maybe Cadillacs and Dinosaurs?


My biggest problem is that I bought the core rules at GenCon to run beyond the box set, but because the PDF version is not available yet there are no blank character sheets!