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[Shadowrun 6E] What is the verdict?


So I couldn't be at Origins this year. Very literally. I was invited there as an author guest, actually, back in March or April, but then was disinvited less than 2 weeks before the convention. I felt heartbroken and betrayed by the last minute disinvitation like anyone would. That's not what this thread's about and I'm not taking questions on it (PM me or something if you're dying to know but I don't promise I'll answer). Drama is gross and I have always liked Origins, it has always been my favorite of the 'big' game shows and I have no desire to crap on it. I want to be there in future years.

WHAT THIS THREAD IS ABOUT is Shadowrun 6th Edition which I couldn't get a copy of because I could not be at Origins this year. So basically, thread body = thread title. How is it? I'm sure someone will post an in-depth review of it to the site with lots of their thoughts, but I think I'd rather see a few thoughts on it from a LOT of different people.

I don't know if we'll reach a consensus, but of those of you who've seen/read/played it, what did everyone think?
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