[Shop] di Senzio's Magical Shop


From the outside, this shop seems just as normal from all other. The sign in front have a form of pouch. On it, it is written:

di Senzio's Magical Shop
Spell Component and Magical Items

As you enter, you see bookshelves full of scrolls, bottles and small chest containing a disparate set of trinkets. Herbs and small shiny rocks can be seen in the font of the store. More in the back, you have animals parts and other tiems that doesn't inspire the common townfolks. A normal man doesn't see anything of value, but for the spell caster, he sees the precious component that allow him to cast his numerous spells.

Behind the counter, another shelf can be seen, containing a set of wands, scrolls, and other various items. Over it is written:

Magical Items


di Senzio's Magical Shop offers three kind of services:

Selling items
The shop sells magical items. Most items are sold at market price. Some special can be found among the magical items.

[B]Item				Quantity	Price (in gp)[/B]
[U]Divine Scrolls[/U]
Delay Poison			    1		   120

[U]Arcane Scrolls[/U]
Ashnar's Mark    		    4		    20

Veil				    1		    60
  (Appear as a small school of fish swimming, Will DC: 13, Duration: 5 hours)			



[U]Wonderous Items[/U]

Buying items
The shop also buys your magical items. The shop buy items at 60% of the value if the needed funds are avalaible.

Pawn Shop
The shop will also buy your items at lower price. For each 5% under 60% of the market price, the shop will hold your items at least 3 months [real-time] just for you (example: selling item at 45%, the item will be avalaible for you for 9 months). You'll be able to buy it back at 60% of the market price. Once the delay have pass, the item will be to sell. If you come back before it is sold, you can buy it back at 70% of the price instead of the shown price.


If a player want to use any of these service, post in this thread. I'll answer you if I accept or not the offer you do, and not, why. (Not enough funds, not interested by such items [that includes cursed or evil items], ect...)


[SBLOCK=To Judge]The spell component and magical items sold at the market price give no income to Rinaldo, it is just a reason to tells that the shop is running. For now, the shop is run by Valeria, Rinaldo's wife, during his absence...[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Trade]Money in the shop: 12940.69gp
Money Invested by Rinaldo: 4000 gp

Items in the shop not for sell: None

List of post where transaction happened:
2006/07/28: -675gp (Bought Scrolls (but not the potion and wand))
2006/08/16: -120gp (Bought a potion and sell three scrolls)
2006/09/11: -180gp (Bought a potion)
2006/09/22: 440gp (Sold three scrolls)
2006/09/22: 487.5gp (Sold two potions and two scrolls)
2006/10/30: 0gp (Was given 5 scrolls)
2007/03/06: -2796gp (Bought two studded leather armor +1 and a rapier +1)
2007/05/11: -210gp (Bought 2 scrolls and 1 potion)
2007/09/12: +2790gp (Sold a rapier +1 and a studded leather +1)
2007/09/26: +940gp (Sold a studded leather +1)
2007/09/26: +100gp (Sold 5 scrolls of CLW)
2007/11/22: -4280gp (Bought many items.)
2007/11/26: +140gp (Sold 2 scrolls)
2007/11/26: +300gp (Sold 3 scrolls and 1 potion)
2007/11/28: +6138gp
2009/03/16: +800gp (Sold 2 scrolls and 4 potion)
2009/05/05: -1100gp (Bought Dragon Hide)
2009/11/13: +240gp (Sold 1 potion)
2010/05/03: +2290gp (Bought and sold items)
2010/05/03: +1200gp (Sell on Market Dragon Hide)

Weekly income from job:
2006/07/01: 2.62gp (NPC, with +9 to merchant skill and one level in Trader)
2006/07/08: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/07/15: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/07/22: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/07/29: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/08/05: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/08/12: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/08/19: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/08/26: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/09/02: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/09/09: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/09/16: 2.62gp (NPC)
2006/09/23: 6.00gp (Rinaldo now Trader lvl 2 and +10 to merchant skill)
2006/09/30: 6.00gp (Rinaldo)
2006/10/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2006/10/07: 6.00gp (Rinaldo)
2006/10/14: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/10/21: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/10/28: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/11/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2006/11/04: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/11/11: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/11/18: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/11/25: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/12/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2006/12/02: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/12/09: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/12/16: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/12/23: 3.00gp (NPC)
2006/12/30: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/01/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/01/06: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/01/13: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/01/20: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/01/27: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/02/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/02/04: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/02/11: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/02/18: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/02/25: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/03/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/03/04: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/03/11: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/03/18: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/03/25: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/04/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/04/01: 3.00gp (NPC)
2007/04/08: 3.50gp (NPC - Rinaldo now Trader lvl 3 and +12 to merchant skill)
2007/04/15: 3.50gp (NPC)
2007/04/22: 3.50gp (NPC)
2007/04/29: 3.50gp (NPC)
2007/05/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/05/06: 3.50gp (NPC)
2007/05/13: 3.50gp (NPC)
2007/05/20: 3.50gp (NPC)
2007/05/27: 3.87gp (NPC - Rinaldo now Trader lvl 4 and +13 to merchant skill)
2007/06/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/06/03: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/06/10: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/06/10: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/06/17: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/06/24: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/07/01: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/07/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/07/08: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/07/15: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/07/22: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/07/29: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/08/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/08/05: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/08/12: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/08/19: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/08/26: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/09/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/09/02: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/09/09: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/09/16: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/09/23: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/09/30: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/10/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/10/07: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/10/14: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/10/21: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/10/28: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/11/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/11/03: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/11/10: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/11/17: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/11/24: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/12/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2007/12/01: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/12/08: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/12/15: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/12/22: 3.87gp (NPC)
2007/12/29: 3.87gp (NPC)
2008/01/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/01/05: 3.87gp (NPC)
2008/01/12: 3.87gp (NPC)
2008/01/19: 3.87gp (NPC)
2008/01/26: 3.87gp (NPC)
2008/02/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/02/02: 4.25gp (NPC - Rinaldo now Trader lvl 5 and +14 to merchant skill)
2008/02/09: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/02/16: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/02/23: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/03/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/03/02: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/03/09: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/03/16: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/03/23: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/03/30: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/04/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/04/06: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/04/13: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/04/20: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/04/27: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/05/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/05/04: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/05/11: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/05/18: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/05/25: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/06/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/06/01: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/06/08: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/06/15: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/06/22: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/06/29: 4.25gp (NPC)
2008/07/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/07/06: 4.37gp (NPC - Rinaldo now Trader lvl 5 and +15 to merchant skill)
2008/07/13: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/07/20: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/07/27: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/08/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/08/03: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/08/10: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/08/17: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/08/24: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/08/31: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/09/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/09/07: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/09/14: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/09/21: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/09/28: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/10/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/10/05: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/10/12: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/10/19: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/10/26: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/11/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/11/01: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/11/08: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/11/15: 4.37gp (NPC)
2008/11/22: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)
2008/11/29: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)
2008/12/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2008/12/07: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)
2008/12/14: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)
2008/12/21: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)
2008/12/28: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)
2009/01/01: 50.00gp (Monemvassia knigthhood)
2009/01/04: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)
2009/01/11: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)
2009/01/18: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)
2009/01/25: 8.75gp (Rinaldo)[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK= Trading Empire]Owner of di Senzio's Magical Shop on Merchant Avenue in Orussus
Owner of di Senzio's Magical Shop in Monemvassia, a Monemvassian Estate

Employee in Orussus:
Valeria (2nd level Expert)
Jemeny (3rd level Enchanter, Chromatic Academy Graduated)
Guards x8 (1st level Figthers)
Courrier x2 (1st level Ranger)

Employee in Monemvassia:
Clerk (2nd level Expert)
Wizard (1st level Wizard)
Guards x8 (1st level Figthers)
Courrier x1 (1st level Ranger)[/SBLOCK]
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The man with the probe
Juliana walks into the shop (presumibly with Rowan and Boog).

"We need someone to look at this stuff, let us know what it's worth, and if there's anything magical about it. We'll probably be selling some of it." she says.

OOC: We have a ton of stuff from an adventure, (Ye Olde Loot), some needs to be detected and identified, and we'll probably sell what we don't want and split the procedes.
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The woman look at the stock. "Impressive command you have there. We can easily identify them. For that service, we charge the usual market price, which is 110gp by magical items. If you need to know which items are magical, it will be 5 more gp. If you want to sell some magical items, we buy them at the advantageous price of 60% of the price until our funds run out. We don't buy any cursed or evil magical items, for obvious reason, or none magical items that aren't spell components, but you can always find some less generous buyer in Orussus for such items."

[SBLOCK=OOC]Welcome to my first customers!

Rinaldo's shop cannot identify itself the items, but have enough contact to provide the service at the usual market price, by a third party. In other words, you must pay the usual fee as if you have done it to a no where person. Rinaldo buy and sell, and I'll buy any items for 60%.

If you party agree to make business, count a few hours to idetify these items minimum (time to go to the temple of Gliran where numerous person can identify the items, and at least one can detect magic, and identify spell have a casting time of 1 hour), and once the items are identified, we can see what you want to keep and what you want to sell. From there, we will be able to do business.

Patlin, if you can give the list of the identified items once the customers agree to do business please.[/SBLOCK]
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[sblock=On casting detect magic...]
Non Magical
Masterwork Lance
Full Plate Armor
Darkwood Shield

Wand of Fireballs (Unknown charges)(Command Word: "Incinerate")
16 scrolls[/sblock]

El Jefe

Velmont said:
"If you need to know which items are magical, it will be 5 more gp."
Boog gave the woman a pained expression. "If we knew which items were magical, we wouldn't need you, would we? Yeah, we'll give you the extra five crowns." He glanced at his companions. "Agreed?", he asked.


I'm assuming someone will eventually spring for read magic to identifty scrolls and an alchemist to identify the potion.

[sblock=On casting Read Magic]
Level 1, Market Price = 25 gp
Cure Light Wounds x6

Level 1, Market Price = 25 gp
Ray of Enfeeblement
Charm Person
Disturb Equilibrium
Level 2, Market Price = 150 gp
Rope Trick
Scorching Ray x2
Level 3, Market Price = 375 gp
Summon Monster III

Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Market Price 50 gp[/sblock]


By the way, while technically nonmagical, this is from the magic item section:

Darkwood Shield
This nonmagical heavy wooden shield is made out of darkwood. It has no enhancement bonus, but its construction material makes it lighter than a normal wooden shield.
It weighs 5 pounds and has no armor check penalty.
No aura (nonmagical); Price 257 gp.
Does the store buy such things?

El Jefe

Patlin said:
I'm assuming someone will eventually spring for read magic to identifty scrolls and an alchemist to identify the potion.
We sure will (at least Boog will). Question: How much does Read Magic cost, and will we need 2 castings to get through all 16 scrolls, or is the caster high enough level to ID all 16 of them with one casting?


Read Magic will cost 5 gp. For this purpose, only the titles need to be read, not the entire scroll, so one casting will be fine.

The SRD either omits the bit about identifying potions with craft (alchemy) or I simply cannot find it. Let's say ID'ing the potion costs 1 gp, unless anyone knows differently.


Valeria comes back with the scrolls and the potion. She hand out a scroll where is listed all the result of identification. "I am ready to buy you all magical items. The armors and weapons aren't magical, but I can refer you to some people who are willing to buy such items. If you want to sell the wand, I am ready to make you a price too, but I'll haev to charge you teh cost of identification to know the precise number of charge left. Without that information, I can only assume there is a single charge left."

[SBLOCK=OOC]And for the shield, it will be a no, I want to restrict me to only magical item, as the shop is pretty new and low in funds.[/SBLOCK]


The man with the probe
Juliana nods, "Agreed."

OOC: That's all fine with her, I assume none of the rest of the stuff is masterwork quality then. Juliana is also willing to pass on the potion if someone else wants it and simply compensates for it from the loot. She has no interest in anything, and could use the cash. She may also have some of her own stuff for sale, non-magical of course, but that's easy enough to work out later. I'm off to bed, will be on later tonight.


"If you want to sell all these scrolls, I will gives you 675 gp. The potion, I can buy it to you for 30 gp. The wand, I'll buy it to you for 9gp for each charges in it." tells the woman.

[SBLOCK=OOC]In other words:
Scroll level 1: 15 gp each
Scroll level 2: 90 gp each
Scroll level 3: 225 gp each
Potion level 1: 30 gp each
Wand: 9 gp/charge (I need to know the number of charge first.)[/SBLOCK]

El Jefe

Velmont said:
"The wand, I'll buy it to you for 9gp for each charges in it."
Boog's ears perked up. "That's a very powerful wand", he said, the memory of the painful burns that it left him still fresh in his mind. "Are you sure that's all you'll give us for it?"
Velmont said:
[SBLOCK=OOC]Wand: 9 gp/charge (I need to know the number of charge first.)[/SBLOCK]
[sblock=OoC: ]Isn't that a little low for the wand? According to the SRD, shouldn't a fully charged wand of fireballs go for at least 11,250 gp? That's 225 gp/charge, by my count. So, if Rinaldo authorizes her to pay 60% of value, that would still be 135 gp/charge, not 9 gp/charge. Am I missing something here?[/sblock]


"Oh, sorry, I thought you meant burning hand, not fireball. That mean it would be at least 135 gp per charges... we are not a very rich shop, so maybe we won't have enough funds to buy it to you. Maybe once you'll have identified it, we can see if we can find an agreement." tells Valeria di Senzio.

[SBLOCK=OOC]Oops, I was calculating the cost of a 1st-level spell/1st level caster wand.

It should be (27*caster level) gp/charge. But as the shop cannot create money yet, the maximum price for the whole package cannot be higher than 1013.10gp (and the transaction will be done saturday morning, as soon as a new week of the job system will enter in bank, as the shop is run by an NPC).

So I doubt I can buy the wand, as it will be out of range for my shop if it has more than 2 or 3 charges.[/SBLOCK]
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As you're including identify in the expense list, you are able to determine that the wand has 30 charges remaining.

El Jefe


Detect Magic          5 gp
Hiring Alchemist      1 gp
Read Magic            5 gp
Identfy (cut rate)  110 gp
Total Expenses      121 go

Non-Magical Loot:

Masterwork Lance    310 gp
Longsword            15 gp
Morningstar           8 gp
Morningstar           8 gp
Full Plate Armor   1500 gp
Darkwood Shield     257 gp
Breastplate         200 gp
Total Non-Magical  2298 gp
Sold at 50%        1149 gp

Magical Loot, less wand:

1 First Level Scroll    25 gp
     X 12 Spells               300 gp
1 Second Level Scroll  150 gp
     X 3 Spells                450 gp
1 Third Level Scroll           375 gp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds     50 gp
Total Magical, less wand      1175 gp
Sold at 60%                    705 gp

Expenses            -121 gp
Non-magical         1149 gp
Magical, less wand   705 gp
Total, less wand    1733 gp

1/3 share, less wand:  577 gp 6 sp 6 cp

Wand of Fireballs, 225 gp/charge
     X 30 charges         6750 gp
Sold at 50%               3375 gp
1/3 share of wand         1125 gp

Total 1/3 share, all loot:  1702 gp 6 sp 6 cp
OoC: Boog will offer to buy the potion at 30 gp. That would make his share 1672 gp 6 sp 6 cp, and the shares for the others 1717 gp 6 sp 6 cp.


Rowan would also like the potion. As a party we should keep it and incorporate it into the division of loot - probably at 50 gps worth. Don't forget, when doing this, that Boog and Juliana fronted money for the seer which Rowan (who was broke) did not.

El Jefe

Manzanita said:
Rowan would also like the potion.
OoC: Boog doesn't mind Rowen getting the potion, so long as the split is 1672-1717 as described earlier.

Er, wait, that's wrong. The split should be 1672-1702...whoever gets the potion should get the 1672.