Paizo Short Pathfinder Adventure Recommandations


Hello, I would like to run a Pathfinder adventure for my group. Ideally it would last about 3 sessions of 3 hours. Which ones are the best? (regardless of edition)

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One of the most creative ones I got ahold of was The Harrowing by Crystal Frasier. It's for level 9, though.


Trial of the Beast is a Frankenstein like story. The PCs are asked to investigate a crime and act as barristers for the accused. Later, there is a castle to storm and epic final showdown.

Carrion Hill has a Lovecraft vibe and is set for players of level 5. Richard Pett writes excellent adventures. If you players really enjoy it, you can also run Wake of the Watcher as a follow up for a higher level adventure.


You could run the "Before the Dawn" duo of adventures from (1st edition) Pathfinder Society season 2 - #02-01 Bloodcove Disguise and #02-02 Rescue at Azlant Ridge. They can be run at any level from 1 to 7.

Basically the PCs are in Bloodcove and are asked to head out into the jungle to rescue an overdue Pathfinder expedition. (Since it's PFS the adventure assumes the PCs are Pathfinders, and it probably works best if they are).

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