DMs Guild Sigurd's Island, expanding the Saltmarsh adventures



Sigurd's Island, Part 1 of the Tendrils of Saltmarsh trilogy, is now available on DMsGuild.

This 5e supplement explores the character Captain Sigurd "Snake Eyes" and takes the players to his hidden island base. There they uncover more plots he and his fleet were involved in.

Inside this 36 page supplement you'll find:
  • Maps: Seven maps depicting different sections of his base and island. And one of the Snapping Line inn in Saltmarsh.
  • Ship: Stat block for a new ship called a Sloop.
  • Creatures: Eight new creature statblocks, including parrot, pirate, pirate doctor, corsair, and more.
  • Magic items: Five new magic items, including the royal navy multi-tool.
Product Page: Sigurd's Island | Dungeon Master's Guild

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