Kickstarter Simple Superheroes now on Kickstarter


Simple Superheroes is now on Kickstarter. It is a flexible framework that lets you create exactly the superheroes you imagine. The game is powered by your creativity.

I have been playtesting Simple Superheroes for 6 years, and now at long last, you can bring it home. It’s easy to learn and easy to play. Character creation is fast, and GMing is a breeze.

Please check out our Kickstarter:

You can also find more at and on our youtube channel.

Thank you Enworld for many years of great discussions, here is to many more, and Good Gaming!



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Thanks Sillykid.
I'm quite thankful that we were able to get Storn Cook to do the cover.

The interior art is all evocative black and white pieces.


The kickstarter for Simple Superheroes is going very well. We've already met our first stretch goal! So I've been working on including the mini-scenarioLe Jardin du Ciel. A daring robbery by the Emerald Hawk of a charity banquet at a posh skyscraper restaurant.
This section also provides extensive guidance on designing your own scenario's and provides examples of how this scenario might run.

Our next stretch goal involves expanding our interior art. We've decide to go for simple and evocative black and white line art. I find this style fires the imagination.
Using this style of black and white art also allows us to include more pieces, and makes it more printer friendly for individuals who may wish to print our pdf, or use it on an e-reader.
Here is a few examples of our interior art.


Mindfire is the character used in our example of character creation in chapter 1 of Issue #0. The fire effects he uses are primarily illusory, but he can also control real fire. He also has talents that let him stun and mesmerize opponents.
Mr Mercurial.

Mr Mercurial is a brash, pompous speedster, created in one of the first playtests of Simple Superheroes at go-play Ottawa.

Despite our intentions to use entirely black and white interiors, it is fun to see what some of the pieces might look like in colour. Here is Templar in black and white, and in colour.


Templar is presented as both a starting character and a very experience and revered hero in Issue 0. He makes a good paragon figure, and moral compass for new heroes to look up too.

Level Up!

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