Level Up (A5E) Simplified OSR-ish Level Up Monster Stats?


Hey all! It's been a while since I've posted to this particular forum.

I'm making, for personal use only, an "OSR-ified" Level Up. I.e., condensed and simplified. Like, each heritage has two traits and a gift, there are cultures (each of which also has two traits plus languages) but no backgrounds or destinies, only three classes and ten levels, streamlined combat maneuvers, stuff like that. I say "personal use" because I'm stealing ideas from all over the place so there's no way that this could ever be legally published. Heck, I even stole the idea from @Sacrosanct's Bugbears and Borderlands, which looks awesome, although I haven't had the chance to play it yet.

Plus this "LU OSR" has several differences I want to experiment, like no attack spells for Mages outside of cantrips (as I said on another thread, I don't mind wizards going pew pew, but I don't necessarily want them fireballing all over the place). It's also personal because I have zero idea if I'll ever actually run a game using this system. Making it is just a bit of autistic obsession. I'm also making PbtA World of Darkness game at the same time. My brain is weird. It's still far too complicated for most of the OSR-type games I've seen, but it's much more streamlined than regular LU and more importantly (to me), it contains the choices in creating PCs that I rarely see in OSR games.

(Here it is. It's not done and may undergo dramatic changes. Comments are allowed and welcomed.)

But then there's monsters.

Monsters are complicated in D&D, and more so in Level Up, since they have so many more (interesting) traits and actions. And I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how to simplify them while still keeping the abilities that make them interesting and without resorting to putting their abilities in the flavor text.

Any thoughts?

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