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D&D 5E Single Session Adventure Recommendations Please!


Any suggestions for great single session adventures? 1st level characters please. It's likely for D&D rookies who will be somewhere between 4th and 7th grade. Not too worried about them being kids, I can always adjust the content and story if it's too extreme.

So please, don't hold back. Give me your favs. DM Guild, Third Party Publisher, Adventurer's Guild, whatever!:cool:

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I've had success running the first part of the Starter Set Adventure for this age group (and other new players). I just end it with the bugbear fight in the goblin caves. Plus it has the added bonus to continue if they enjoy the game.


For a lvl 1 party I would go with this

(healer) Life Cleric with Magic Initiate: Druid (Goodberry, shillelagh, thornwhip). Goodberries heal for 10x 4 hp with Diciple of Life
(melee) Hexblade with Greatweapon Master. Hex, Armor of Agathys, Booming Blade, Green Flame Blade
(ranged) Fighter with Sharpshooter.
(tank) Barb with Polearm Master.
(scout) Monk with Magic Initiate: Mage (Familiar, Message, Minor Illusion)
(utility) Bard with Magic Initiate: Mage (Find Familiar, Firebolt, Shocking Grasp or Minor Illusion) or Inspiring Leader. Advantage-provider with Familiar and Faerie Fire, Healing word\ Vicious Mockery utility, CC with Sleep.

Feats are better then any racial in the game at level 1, I think, esspecialy if you want to do anything remotely interesting or effective in combat, so all these characters are either Human or get a house-ruled free feat at lvl 1.
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