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Sins of Our Fathers II - New Art Uploaded - 1/25

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I played Raylin in this campaign and I don't think you'll be seeing any update soon. Destan has been extremely busy preparing for our upcoming February session in the new campaign which also rocks. Don't look for anyhting soon here as he has been crazy with work and things. Maybe someday though.


Per my last email, Destan's been busy relocating, but was hopeful that the writing bug might nip him again after settling into the new digs.


First Post
I got turned on to the Sins SH just the other day and here I am at the end (all too soon!). Heres hoping for a revival of this glorious SH!

Awesome stuff D!


Citizen of Val Hor
It's been a long, long time since I wandered around this area of the forums. Thanks to you folks who have stopped by, and please know I appreciate your kind words.

@ Ed: I think it's absolutely awesome you're a published author and you had nice things to say about Sins. Writing a novel is a such a Huge Deal - I know, I've tried it. And to get it published...well, words fall short of how impressive that achievement is and how much I respect your ability and perseverance to make it happen.

@ Spunk: You're a good detective. :) I do, indeed, have an adventure coming up in Dungeon. It was supposed to be published in Paizo's version of the magazine, but due to the adventure path and the high level nature of my adventure, it kept being delayed until...they ran out of issues. I'm thrilled it's still gonna see the light of day. I hope you enjoy it.

@ Grodog: I got your Christmas card. Other than you, you have a great looking family! :)

Happy Holidays all -



Dragon Lord

Good old Destan. Still working away and gaining notoriety as a published writer of campaign settings and DnD adventures. Congratulations, nice to see your work in print and bytes.


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Hey Destan, you checked out 4e yet? :D

I have indeed. We're doing our first 4e, marathon (Thurs-Sun) session in two weeks. We've run a couple 4e "playtests" online, but this is our first opportunity to see the rules in play around the table. I'm uncertain on some things and very much like others, so I guess we'll see how it goes!

What about you?