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Release Six Weeks on Zephyrus-2 - a Space-Western Adventure Anthology compatible with Stars Without Number


Six Weeks on Zephyrus-2 - a Space-Western Adventure Anthology compatible with Stars Without Number is now officially for sale on Drivethrurpg.com for $9.99!




The characters are stuck on the remote mining world of Zephyrus-2 for six weeks. In the meantime, they are offered jobs as local delivery drivers serving the region of Zone-A.

Week 1: The Missing Toolbox​

A hydraulics engineer in the small town of Blackrock with a vivid imagination hires the characters to find her missing toolbox. The search leads the characters to an abandoned mine where they discover that rock monkeys did indeed steal the tools —at the direction of a mysterious psychic intelligence that is controlling their actions.

Week 2: The Tomb of the Luminaries​

A mundane delivery turns into a bandit ambush. The characters then meet a sketchy geologist with a secret who hires them to help him explore some alien ruins in search of gold. There they encounter traps and guardian creatures made of “hard light”.

Week 3: The Return of Ojorojo​

The characters are recruited by a young man to help save his village from an attack by marauding boreai bandits led by a robot gunfighter named Ojorojo.

Week 4: Bounty at Redpole​

Natalia Barret hires the characters to arrest a smuggler when he lands in Redpole. The characters must plan and execute their operation using imagination, logistics, strategy, and discretion.

Week 5: Dangerous Contact​

The mysterious psychic intelligence is back and has taken over the remote laboratory of Geologist Arno Freese. Freese hires the characters to brave the guardian creatures, haywire sample robot, and deadly laser drill to retrieve his important research.

Week 6: Escape from Zephyrus-2​

Monsieur Popeaux hires the characters to carry a data storage module containing incriminating evidence against Director Donahee and the Imperial Mining Consortium to an Orion Federation outpost in the Aeolus system. The characters must storm the defenses arrayed at the spaceport and battle an enemy spacecraft to escape from Zephyrus-2!

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