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Coming Skybound: Hardlight Heroes Preview

Introducing the Hardlight Heroes of Skybound.
This is the Hardlight Heroes Character Creation Preview. It includes information and resources for first-time Skybound players to familiarize themselves with Character Creation for Tech heroes. These heroes use Hardlight and Hacking during their adventures, shutting down their enemy's weapons or conjuring weapons made of light! This book includes 2 choices of breed, 3 choices of Sorts, 2 choices of Careers, and a curated selection of Traits and Equipment.

Skybound is a Fantasy Space-Western involving Robot Cowboys, Elf Clones, and Aethernet Trolls. It's a d52 system that uses decks of cards instead of dice, which was also used in my previous game Westbound. This preview includes the basic rules of play, including combat, social manipulation, hacking, and magic.
On the Skybound Website is some entry-level play material, including intro adventures on the Streets, in Space, and inside the Web.

The Kickstarter (Make sure to follow!)
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