D&D 5E Skyrim supplement for D&D 5e

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Gardens & Goblins

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EDIT: I was informed that posting this on the DM's guild is breaking the copyright laws (from Bethesda's side). Here is an original link to the fully free version: http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/H1Wr4bX7FZ

A conversion of Skyrim to the 5th edition of D&D; I hope it can be of use to people. Contains:
- Races
- Weapons and armor
- Enchanting
- Thu'um
- Monster manual

I hope you like it! I'd appreciate the feedback. :)

'Get PDS' seems to try to print. And does not provide a .pdf?


'Get PDS' seems to try to print. And does not provide a .pdf?

Digging around, I found this:

PDF Exporting

PDF Printing works best in Chrome. If you are having quality/consistency issues, try using Chrome to print instead.

After clicking the "Print" item in the navbar a new page will open and a print dialog will pop-up.

Set the Destination to "Save as PDF"
Set Paper Size to "Letter"
If you are printing on A4 paper, make sure to have the "A4 page size snippet" in your brew
In Options make sure "Background Images" is selected.
Hit print and enjoy! You're done!

If you want to save ink or have a monochrome printer, add the Ink Friendly snippet to your brew before you print


First Post
Good stuff! I've messed around with the same idea but never got far. I especially like what you've done with the shouts, they seem true to the source and reasonably balanced. A couple of notes/changes I'd make based on my attempts:

1) Birth signs(Warrior/Mage/Thief etc.) as a replacement/supplement to backgrounds

2) Races, a few things I'd do here. Some some things I think would make them more true to skyrim version and some are just flavor enhancers. One thing I did for all the races was try and adapt their once per day powers(Voice of the Emperor, Ancestral Guardians, Beast Tongue, Eye of Fear, Histblood, etc.) I think it was a nice way to add some uniqueness
-Argonians: Int doesn't really fit here as I don't think you see many argonian mages. You do see a lot of argonian thieves and assassins so I think I'd go +2 Dex primary and argonians are pretty tough so I'd pair that with +1 con. I know thats the same as redguards but I think it fits but you could swap the two stats and I think its still works. Bonus Flavor: rename "Argonian Resistance" to "Histblood"

-Bretons: Bretons were always more like the tougher casters so I think +2 Wis would suit them better and probably +1 Int just so they can still make good wizards though I think they make good cleric-y types in skyrim too.

-Dunmer: maybe its all the time I spent getting insulted in morrowind(You N'wah!) but dark elves don't seem very charismatic to me maybe +1 wis instead. I gave them the Tieflings ability to cast Hellish rebuke 1/day and called it "ancestor guardians" and I think that gives them a little extra something. Bonus Flavor: rename "Innate Resistance" to "Ashborn"

-Altmer/Bosmer/Orsimer: The PHB races are all close enough to get the job done but writing up your own would let you add some extra bits to make them more Skyrim-y (like some kind of weakness to magic for high elves, animal friendship 1/day for wood elves) and get rid of some of the D&D baggage that doesn't really fit the skyrim version(like fey ancestry and trance)

3) weapons/armor: What you've done was a perfect way to handle the different materials but I think you could simplify it by just having the materials be a template you apply to the standard weapons (ie: iron= decrease die size, orcish= +2 damage, elven= +1 to hit, daedric= +2 and increase die size, etc.). Just keeps it all in one table

That sounded like a lot of criticisms but I really do like it! Its a wonderful resource for me and I'm sure many others as well. The Elder Scrolls is a fantastic setting and its good to see it getting some love


I’m not talking about how interesting it may be, or how fun it might be. I’m simply stating that using another IP and distributing for whatever purposes (which includes using copyrighted images), is still a copyright violation. The OP made a comment about how it was removed from DMs Guild because of copyright violation but gives an alternate location,, which could give the impression that hosting somewhere else for free is not. I’m just pointing out that it doesn’t matter, from an accuracy’s standpoint, that’s all. Based on your own comment, you make a distinction on being free, which has no bearing on whether or not something is a copyright violation.
How about you focusing on being a fan, and leaving the lawyering to the lawyers?

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How about you focusing on being a fan, and leaving the lawyering to the lawyers?

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The earlier posts seem to have implied that if it was for free on a different site, then it wasn't copyright violation, and I was just pointing out how that's not true. This is actually a big problem in this industry (one that seem to impact artists more than anyone else), with people thinking they can just use another's IP as they want as long as they aren't charging for it. And it's one that causes a great deal of angst in the artist world in particular, but is a problem in general. You'd know this if you put out any of your own material rather than constantly tell everyone how you'd do it better than the the people who do it for a living.


No flips for you!
How about you focusing on being a fan, and leaving the lawyering to the lawyers?

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Calling out using other's work without permission has a useful social value. I can both be a fan AND say that this is a clear violation of IP rights. It's not either or, nor is it bad form to point out when things are IP violations. You may be fine with stealing other people's creative works, but I, and I dare say some others, may not be.

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