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Slightly scared of AI prototyping (mapmaking fun)


Ok, first of all I am a lazy GM, and I have decided, having purchased a paid subscription of ChatGPT, to try my hand at creating prompts to create a few handout materials for my next campaign. Here's how it went:

DISCLAIMER: I know - this is not a human being I am talking to, however I just find being polite to be a right thing to do.

Here's a list of prompts and creations using DALL-E (paid ChatGpt subscription).

Hello. Please create an isometric map of a renessaince fishing village. The map should look like it was drawn using ink, with minimalistic approach to all features. The map should include the following items of note: fishing nets, a pier with two boats, a well, three bigger huts, one mansion near the center and four smaller huts. There should be a small worship center. Above each building there should be a unique number.

Here is the isometric map of a Renaissance fishing village, designed in a minimalist ink-drawn style. You can see the various features including fishing nets, a pier with boats, huts, a mansion, and a worship center, each marked with a unique number. Feel free to review the image and let me know if there's anything you'd like to adjust!

View attachment fishing_village_1.webp

Looks great. Please make the following adjustments: the pier should connect to the village. The water (the coast) should be on the only one side. The boats should be at the pier (and the pier should be long enough to accomodate all boats, and two more).

I've made the adjustments to the map based on your specifications. The pier now connects directly to the village, and the coast is only on one side of the map. The pier has also been extended to accommodate the two boats plus additional space for two more. Please take a look at the revised map and let me know if it meets your expectations or if there are any further modifications you'd like!

View attachment fishing_village_2.webp

This is incredible. Now, we're going to flip the idea a bit. This is now a modern postapocalyptic setting. The buildings and the boats should look more modern, with a small hospital and a wall instead of a palisade.

The map has been transformed into a modern postapocalyptic setting. The buildings and boats now have a more contemporary look, there's a small hospital included, and a defensive wall has replaced the previous palisade. Take a look at the updated version and let me know if it aligns with your vision or if any further changes are needed!

View attachment fishing_village_3.webp

I am going to make a lot of adjustments to this map. However, in just three steps I was able to rapidly prototype an important part of an upcoming adventure.

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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
That's pretty cool. It would be interesting to play around with this for battlemaps giving specific grid specs to make it easier to bring into VTTs. I would love to be able to take an existing map and have AI do the line of sight and other VTT prep.

Personally, the ideal for me is less making the art work, but let me buy various terrain titles and map components from various artists from the VTT or map-making marketplace of my choice but give prompts to a VTT to use those purchased assets to do the grunt work of putting together and VTT-prepping the maps.

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