Release SLOUGH KEEP: A sickening 5e one-shot taking you through a wizard's corrupted domain


Hey all, I released a gross little one-shot for 5e last week called Slough Keep. Intended for a party of level 2 characters. It's PWYW on DriveThruRPG, I'm just looking to share it and have people check it out!

DriveThruRPG link here

An old lord's keep looms over the quiet village of Harstead.
The wizard who ruled there has sequestered himself for decades, performing foul experiments. Now his insatiable greed has not only taken his humanity, but also poisoned the land, and this taint has spread to Harstead.
Can a group of adventurers brave his vile abode, and put an end to this corruption?

Even mighty wizards must be careful what they wish for.

This adventure is intended for a party of level 2 players, and is compatible with the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

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