Small Beginnings - Final Update 6/18/04, ITEOTWAWKI, AIFF!

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First Post
Hey Enk, guess what I heard?

What's that?

Two jokers broke into our account and started posting something about a new Small Beginnings SH thread. Don't they know that the campaign is 2 years ahead and that they'll never catch up? Losers.

D'Shai, that's us.

What? I don't remember anything about...

See? This is what you get for celebrating St. Patricks Day on both Thursday and Friday

Kiss me! I'm Irish!

The only thing Irish about you is your soap.

Then how about this "Kiss me! I don't stink!"

I give up.


Would it surprise you to know that we finally finished the Annotated Small Beginnings?

Now I know we can't really afford to print this thing out and bind it up real nice for everyone (you've got to win otherwise pointless contests around here for that sort of thing - and yes, they are at the printers right now and will be shipping out as soon as both D'Shai and I can slap our John Hancock's on them), but I imagine that if you go to your local Kinkos and ask real nice (or maybe give them some dough) they can print and bind a copy for you. And if you like your books to have covers, you can even grab the ones we use for our own nefarious purposes over at this site. Simply grab the images and run for the hills.

By the way, if you download a copy of this and like it - or heck, even if you hate it - drop us a line at (and put Small Beginnings in the title). We always appreciate hearing new perspectives on our work, our style, and our ideas: even if they aren't always the kindest.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the collection! I know that D'Shai and I enjoyed putting it together, and might even try it again one day.


So over the Christmas break, I took some time to dig out the above mentioned Annotated SB book (actually more like "pulled it down from an rarely looked-at shelf", but you get the idea), and had a rollicking good time reminiscing. Made me itch to start up the collaboration again (though don't get your hopes up - we're both way to freakin' busy these days).

Looking back over the hours and hours we spent writing this thing, and the even longer hours we spent at the table making it happen in the first place, I can truly day that it was time well spent. I don't think I would trade that time for anything.

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