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Kickstarter So we made some tables for our customizable GM screen...



Hellooo people who run games,

we're very proud to bring you Hammerdog's Build-A-Screen Workshop featuring

📋The World's Greatest Screen
  • top-selling product for over a decade with overwhelmingly positive feedback and longevity
  • 4-panel customizable GM screen
  • 2 orientations (landscape and portrait)
  • 9 colors (silver, gold, black, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, green)
  • wet and dry erase
  • only acts up if fed after midnight

📄The World's Greatest Inserts
  • 25+ sheets of carefully crafted rollable tables for quick and variable content - all in one package
  • terrains, NPCs, food & drink, herbs and fruit, encounters/monsters, locations and more
  • easy to create entire side quests or adventures with this (see KS for example)
  • available in print and for Roll20 and FoundryVTT as sleek and easy-to-use macro suites

🛠More addons to further customize your screen
  • magnet receptive inserts and magnets, perfect for use with our group tracker sheet
  • the Tome of Holding binder to store your inserts, easily attached as an extra or replacement panel on your screen
  • art packs to stuff out the outside of your screen with awesome art

We've worked hard on this for the majority of the year while trying to stay afloat with COVID hitting us as hard as any indie company in a similar position and are super happy with the result and that it is finally on the road. Help us fund our next projects and help yourself make the GM screen you want!

Thank you so much and much love,

Ivan "Gregaridog" Sadzakov
Community Manager at Hammerdog Games

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The links do not go anywhere. Also, what about us owners of the mini version?
Thank you for the heads-up, should be fixed now. The mini was my absolute favorite (at least until this Kickstarter, now that there are so many options for the big uns...), but unforunately for the large amount of rollable tables we have on TWGi sheets we weren't able to take the smaller customer base into account yet. COVID-19 really knocked the breath out of us and we had to be conservative about production cost.

HOWEVER with this Kickstarter being a success and the start of a new product line, mini will definitely make a big comeback in the next one!


Get the DM/GM screen of your dreams on Hammerdog Games Build-A-Screen Workshop Kickstarter, trick it out like never seen before and style on your players in your next games!

Soon $15,000 funding, you have already completely blown it out of the park for us. We meant this to be quick & dirty, now Danny is scrambling to make bonus stretch goals every day and dreads the moment he needs to package everything for over 200 backers. We love you. Hammerdog loves you. Thank you so much! And if you haven't checked it out yet, do it now! Last chance to join the KS!

😍 Build A Custom Screen For 5th Edition, Pathfinder 1e, & MORE🤘

Happy thanksgiving from Danny and myself, stay safe out there!

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