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So who is running a 40 years anniversary game?


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Ours happens (by player decision) a 3.5/PF cross heavily houseruled comedy To Slay a Dragon campaign - where the players got specially made chars and didn't know what was coming to them. It will probably run all week and we have some hopes of actually finishing by next weekend.
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I've got a new campaign which will be starting in the second week of February. This is for brand new players whose only concept of RPGs is based on played DotA, a Warcraft III clone.

In honour of D&D's anniversary, today I fully embraced that oft-disparaged trope and wrote up details of the inn in which the PCs meet each other and begin their lives as adventurers. Even their patron lives in the inn (or at least in the giant oak tree at the centre of the inn: she's a dryad). And before the day is over, I'm going to finish writing up the starter dungeon... and also finish the stat block for the first dragon that they'll be facing.

So, I might not be playing D&D today but it's very much a D&D sort of day. :)


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Was really hoping to run a game session this weekend to celebrate the anniversary, but unfortunately pretty much everyone cancelled out over time so that no session could be held.


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Gaming this weekend, but not D&D.

Mind you, since D&D is pretty much the grandparent of all other games, I kinda figure that's just as good. Any gaming is a celebration of the original!


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EDIT Noticed there was a more appropriate thread for what I had to say about the 40th anniversary. My apologies.
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