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Solifugids and Pedipalps--False Spiders


First Post
Ok, I played through GDQ1-7 a while back before I'd ever heard of this place, and had to make these little buggers myself. Since I was building them from the ground up, I researched their real-world counterparts, so these guys represent some actual effort and thought.

They're not just for Lloth's bedchamber, there's no reason these guys can't be used to surprise your spider-wearied Drowhunters.


  • False Spider.doc
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Creature Cataloguer
thanks for the contribution! :)

they were featured in the Tome of Horrors by Necromancer Games, so we didn't feel a need to re-do them. :)


Monster Junkie
They're also in the City of the Spider Queen web enhancement and Lost Empires of Faerun. But there's nothing wrong with making your own and sharing them. :)

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