Some More N.O.W. Art Previews!

With the What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. Starter Kit now available in softcover, and the first chapter of N.E.W. officially in layout, the art for N.O.W. (the game of explosive 80s-style action!) has been coming in. This one's all about your favourite 80s action TV shows and movies, although the setting can be anything from the 20th and early 21st centuries. Martial arts heroes, supercars, superspies, and more await! And, of course, it's fully compatible with both O.L.D. and N.E.W. Just wait until your aliens start doing gun katas!

The Starter Kit is available here. The PDF is free, and the softcover comes with a free PDF. Or you can find much more information on the official website!

3 muscle car.jpg
7 gunner.jpg
9 door.jpg
1 robot street fight.jpg


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Wild Gazebo

I see so much of this stuff now-a-days. Are people really not bothered by the poor contrast between the photography and the digital painting? Or, is that part of the flavor? I think it would at least be better if the perspective between the figures and the background was consistent. Then it would be more of a kitschy comic thing...but to me it just looks poorly executed.

Sorry about the off topic...but I'm interested in what other people think about this.

As for the release: congrats! Hope it goes really well!


First Post
[MENTION=11642]Wild[/MENTION]: Had you not mentioned it, I would not have noticed.:) For the most part, I like the pics, but there is a bit of inconsistency between all of them.

Wild Gazebo

Yeah. I think I'm probably being too picky. Half of my education is in Fine Arts so I tend to get easily distracted by, perhaps unimportant, details when it comes to compositions.

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