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It looks like I'll be spending some time in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA in August or September, and I was wondering what game stores and bookshops people would recommend?

I'm particularly interested in any 'used' or 'second hand' bookstores or gameshops that have a shelf of old material - there's various products that while I have bough them in PDF it would be great to find an original copy of.

Is there anywhere that anyone can recommend?
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Do you mean Vancouver, BC, Canada or Vancouver, WA, USA? If the former, I know of a few places with good used RPG sections:

First is on Broadway, just west of Granville, ABC Book and Comic Emporium. It's a huge used book store with about a bookcase and a half full of RPG stuff on the right as you go in. Somebody must've sold 'em a pretty large collection of mostly untouched 1e stuff a few months ago, I replaced a few modules I'd lost long ago (S3, C1, L2).

Drexoll Games in Kitsilano, on 4th just west of MacDonald, also has about a bookcase and a half full of used RPG stuff. I've had particularly good luck picking up old Hero Games stuff there.

Another is Imperial Hobbies in Richmond, on No. 3 Road just north of Lansdowne (across the street from the Lansdowne Centre Mall). It's a game/comic/collectible store with a pretty good used game section.

One that I haven't been to as much but which I believe does have a used game section is The Comic Shop at the corner of 4th and Arbutus. It's a split level place, RPG stuff is in the basement.


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I Seattle you want the various Half Priced Books stores and Gary's games. HPB is a used/overstocked book store chain that has several stores around Seattle, at least one in the U District and one on Capitol Hill have lots of games. Gary's Games is a game store with a decent amount of used games.


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SWBaxter said:
Do you mean Vancouver, BC, Canada or Vancouver, WA, USA?

Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thanks for the pointer that I needed to clarify that (original post edited and updated), and thanks even more for the list of stores :)


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Chaos Books and Games in New Westminster (20 minute SkyTrain ride east of Vancouver) has a few bookshelves of second-hand stuff.


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I highly recommend Uncle's Games in Crossroads Mall in Bellevue. It's not too far from Seattle proper, though I'm sure some of the more downtown Seattlites can tell you some in that area. Uncle's is just a nice, clean, friendly store with a pretty good selection, especially if you're into board games at all.

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