Kickstarter Southwood's Gold - A 5e adventure to introduce new players


Navigate through the jungle and conflicting moral perspectives in this beginner-friendly adventure for 5e.
  • 30 page adventure
  • Tier 1 oneshot with around 4 hours of playtime
  • 4 high resolution maps
  • A story with multipled paths and endings, each fully fleshed out
Coming soon: Southwood's Gold

Another adventure of mine is about to make it to Kickstarter. It is actually the first one I created when started out several years ago. It is playtested and refined many times over with a story completely designed around the idea of introducing new players to the world of Dungeons&Dragons 5e.

What starts out as a simple bandit hunt, quickly throws the character in between the conflict of two factions. Neither bad, neither completely right. Who are the characters going to aid? How will they achieve their goals?

r/CrowdfundedBoardgames - Southwood's Gold - 5e D&D Adventure to Introduce New Players
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