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WOIN Space combat exploit question


System override. You remotely accessanother ship’s control computer, and brieflytake a system offline with a LOG vs E-DEFENCEattack. One shield facing, or one weapon,can be deactivated until the beginning of thetarget ship’s next turn, at which point it isautomatically reactivated.

Would it be fair for this to cover even more systems, e.g tractor beam , point defences etc.

Remotely shutting down an opponent's engines is the kind of trick I'd allow (or try to get the GM to approve) once - Scotty did it to the Excelsior in The Search for Spock after all - but no more than that. Narratively speaking, a good trick is dramatic and exciting, but repeat it and it loses its impact. In character, anyone who gets that kind of shenanigans pulled on them is going to work double-time to make sure it never works again, as will anyone who hears about it, and unconnected groups should have a set up different enough that the same trick won't work in the first place. Either are plenty of justification I think.


I used it in space combat yesterday for the group I run for. I used it to shutdown their tractor beam which worked amazing, otherwise a piloting check with a high level would of been needed. Used it against shield generators right before firing a railgun/laser.

I made sure to not use it against engines as that is what the tractor beam is for.
All in all, I think it is a very well-balanced exploit to be used by the GM and I never felt that I should not use it, because there are so many systems that can be overrode so it gives so many dynamics to space fights.

It's counter, the Counterhack exploit, is also amazing as it doesn't simply negate Systems Override but it makes it a contest against the NPCs and PC counter part.

Use this tool as the GM or player, I feel that it's on the same level as ships weapons or CPU attacks and just as balanced.

10/10 would recommend to a friend :)