D&D 5E Spell & Crossbones


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It was a little too perfect, but only a fool turned their nose up at a ladder when trying to scale a cliff. If there was a string attached, she'd deal with that when the time came. She did play a cat to the hilt though...watching the Kid's antics with unblinking curiosity before following a little at a time. Hesitating before darting past the men at the gangplank and following him up onto the deck of Wallace's ship.

Once there she gave the Kid an inquisitive mew, and quickly turned her head to look around the deck...marking the sailors and their tasks like any cat might in a strange new place.

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Queen of Everything
Kat leaned over to Jacques. "Might be time to put that fruit to good use. I'd hate to just shoot it," she smirked. "Of courshe, if Zef wasn't three sheets to the wind he could probly just put the thing to sleeps."


Jacques nodded and tapped Theo on the shoulder. He presented the fruit to the boy and motioned toward the monkeys. "Somethings you must do for yourself, or the reward never tastes as sweet." he says to the boy.

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