Spelljammer Spelljammer TV show planned back in 2002?


Farscape was 99-03, Sliders was 95-00, Stargate SG1 was 97-07, Lexx was 97-02. DS9 was older, but ran until 99 and was really good in the later seasons. That seems close enough to 02 that it would be fresh and vibrant in the mind of science fiction fans, to me at least.
all of those numbers make me feel old... just FYi...
As for modern shows, I'm tickled pink that Critical Role is getting one. Even if the show is not "Official D&D," we all know it's an actual D&D game being put into show format. I was also delighted by the Dragonlance cartoon in 08, and I strongly suspect the Overlord anime is D&D with the serial numbers filed off.
I don't understand how with all the streaming nerd stuff how WotC missed the opportunity to have a live action 'kids in school' show mixed with animated in game D&D adventures where the actors that play the kids do all the voice of the animation (including the DM doing multi voices)

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