5E Spells for Adventures in Middle Earth

Mine are still all boxed up but I was able to find PDF downloads of most of them. Been collecting those thing since the late 80s lol. Thinking about adding some Cultures from them and then possibly making a 4th Age Setting.

Edit: I think the 1640 era stuff in the MERP books could easily be converted to 4th Age using the old adage "History repeats itself."


A few quick comments:

Consider simplifying the ability requirements for spellcasting: I suggest you set a requirement for Int/Wis/Cha at 13, and then allow any character that meets that requirement to cast spells up to the limit set by his or her character level

Yes, consider replacing Hit Dice with "character level" as the term you use to limit spell levels. At least for player characters (the 5E rules use hit dice for monster abilities, character level for PC abilities)

As for your spell selection, I would think it valuable to start off the chapter with a spell list overview. Especially if you include the spells you did not include (perhaps stricken like this). This would make it much easier (for somebody acquainted with D&D) to see the differences between, say, your Conjurer and the standard school of Conjuration. :)


I know this is an old thread but I guess quite a few people picked up the humble bundle. I really like the idea of using exhaustion as a resource for spell casting. I thought that learning spells would make a fellowship undertaking.

Find spell Undertaking
The adventure spends the fellowship phase in a library at a sanctuary. At the end of this period they make a lore check with a DC = 17+ the Spell level of the spell they wish to find. If they are successful and the sanctuary has a record of that spell then they have found the spell and attempt to learn this spell in a future fellowship phase. A critical fail means the player has stumbled across Dark knowledge of the Enemy a gains a shadow point.

Learn spell Undertaking
The adventure spends the fellowship phase studying a spell that they have either found whilst adventuring or discovered using the Find spell Undertaking. At the end of the period the player makes a skill check against an appropriate skill probably Lore/Shadow Lore but possible Persuasion for spells like Charm Person etc.. the DC would be 22+ the Spell Level to learn and a critical fail means the player has stumbled across Dark knowledge of the Enemy shadow point equal to the level of the spell.

I would be tempted to use the reduced list suggest on page 145 of the lore master guide and I also like the idea that a successful audience could provide the players with a rumor or fact about the location of certain spell.