D&D 5E spiritual weapon against prone enemy advantage or disadvantage?


No, the rule is not simple and unambiguous, and the intent of the spell is not for all attacks against non adjacent prone creatures to be made with the SW at disadvantage.
I would argue that Crawford's post indicates the opposite, the intent is specifically for the SW to have disadvantage against such targets.

The intent of the [advantage to hit prone creatures in melee] is to simulate the difficulty the defender has in defending themselves vs melee attacks. There is no rationale for imposing disadvantage on the SW's attacks in such a circumstance.

That is not indicated anywhaere, further if it was the case it would say it "melee attacks against prone creatures have advantage." The fact that they use a more complicated rule based on range instead of a simpler rule based on melee vs ranged implies the intent is not what you think

To be honest I think theintent of prone is to generally apply disadvantage. You are laying down to keep from getting hit, it is common in theater acting, fighting etc.

Think about it IRL - when you hear a gunshot you typically either run or dive for the ground. Assuming you do the later, the reason you dive to the ground is so you are harder to hit. If the guy shooting at you is standing right next to you (i.e. within 5 feet) it will be easier to hit you though. I think this is what it is based on, not melee or ranged go prone to give the guy attacking disadvantage, but if he is right next to you he has advantage.

I am highly confident that is the intent.
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