ZEITGEIST (Spoilers) A Universe of Choices


Heyo. My group is starting to ask questions about planes outside the system, and I've run into some problems.

1. In the Players' guide, Jiese governs war and important dates. Yet in Jiese's Act 3 entries it's all about industry and cunning. Which is it? It's a bit hard to say since Jiese oil in the Wayfarer's Lantern does drive people to war. Does this happen because Jiese is a fire plane?

2. The planes that end up in the Gyre; were those the ones always considered by the Ob, and they got zapped there by the ritual? Or were the Ob considering hundreds of planes elsewhere in the multiverse, and after the ritual have ended up with the 7 they chose + the 7 they started with + the others that happened to be in the Gyre?

Worlds are pretty multifaceted. Think about Mars in modern conception. Yeah, it's got the classic "Bringer of War" bit from the Romans, and it is an icon of 'foreign peril' because of all sorts of alien invasion stories. But it's also a beacon of exploration, the next new frontier that we hope will inspire fantastic technology. It is a barren wasteland that we hope to turn into a garden. You've even got a bit of accidental syncretism from people conflating the god Ares with the zodiac constellation Aries, and thinking the zodiac traits would also apply to Mars.

So the answer to "Which is it" is "Yes."

The planes in the Gyre are just worlds that have died in the past few hundred years, completely unrelated to anything the Ob did. In the vast cosmos there are TONS of worlds, and the Ob picked a handful. It was their inability to close the Axis Seal that caused the world to lose its sun, and that meant an imminent death for the planet. And that imminent death is what drew the world (and the other planets in the Ob-designed system) toward the Gyre.


I can appreciate that logic- but come the end of the AP, when the party is attempting to knit a world together from these disparate planes, it seems quite odd to say that there are these aspects which simply don't matter, and are not mentioned.

Thanks for the answer about the Gyre worlds. Maybe I'll look into creating some new worlds to be used as part of Schism's proposals.