D&D 5E [SPOILERS] Enhancing Tomb of Annihilation


Just treat it like a voluntarily failed save, I guess?

That was my idea as well, but then again. As the post below, the Gods are fickle. They may not want to inhabit the characters afterwards.

Honestly, I'd go with the interpretation that the gods are fickle and once rejected would go with someone else. Since a successful save only blocks that specific god for that specific character, the character can get a different god and the god can get a different host.
Yes, but would they stay rejected?

I might end up saying they will have to go through a certain test to see if the characters are "willing" to accept the gods as they have already rejected some of them. DC 15 Wis - if they fail have some negative effect untill their next rest.

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PCs have just hit level 3, so there's a lot of jungle to explore before they get to the titular tomb, but from what I've read about the tomb I'm already concerned about how it will go.

I know it's supposed to be a crazy Tomb a la Tomb of Horrors, but I'm not convinced it will work out great with this group. Has anyone cut it down dramatically, or replaced it entirely with something else? The Atropal battle I think will be cool (based on what I can remember reading) but I think a lot of the stuff before that will be too convoluted.

Suggestions? Am I concerned unnecessarily?


Lord of the Hidden Layer
It may not help you directly, but I had thought about creating a 'truncated Tomb' that included the Nine Tricksters and the hero on the mammoth. Pull out a bunch of the death traps that are just supposed to kill you dead for no (apparent) reason.

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