ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Handling the urn


The godmind urn seems like a troublesome item for a DM to handle.

1. How is the DM supposed to adjudicate how broad a given domain can be? "Death," "fey," and "machines" are broad enough. What about the likes of "knowledge" or "magic"?

2. "Non-ambient planar energies" (e.g. wayfarer's lanterns, meteorites, meteorite dust, meteorite oil, firegems, fire mana, earth mana, anything else Detect Planar Energy would pick up, understanding various facets of planar reconfiguration, and so, as opposed to all fires counting as "Jiese energy") is a domain that is quite important to the adventure path, so would that even be valid in the first place?

3. Does "machines" include "guns," listed as a separate example?

4. What does "A spirit medium can communicate with the urn without needing to go crazy" actually mean? Does it mean that a spirit medium can use the properties of the godmind urn without their personality being affected?

5. How slowly is "slowly"? For the sake of sharing spotlight across PCs, I think it would be best if "slowly" meant "over the course of several days, if not weeks," so that different PCs could take turns with the godmind urn. How would that work out?

6. Are the "barely-perceptible whispers" simply the flavor for the +5 bonus to skill checks, or are they an entirely separate effect?

7. How does controlling inanimate objects and non-hostile creatures with Intelligence 2 or less actually work? Even under the 4e version, which directly points to the Dungeon Master's Guide's guidelines for improvisation, it is still a bit of a burden for the DM to adjudicate it. Is it supposed to be strictly for noncombat purposes?

8. Does the urn need to be held in one hand to function? Worn around the neck? Kept in a pocket? Kept in a bag? Kept in a bag of holding? Does the orb simply float around the owner like one of the 4e nethermancer enemies in the adventure path?

9. How large is the orb? According to the Pathfinder version, it weighs 5 pounds. That is 2,267.96 grams. Let us assume that it is a solid sphere of brass. A quick Google search tells us that brass has a density of 8.73 grams per cubic centimeter, which means that a solid brass sphere would be 259.79 cubic centimeters, or a sphere with a radius of 3.9583 centimeters or 1.5584 inches. Unless my math is incorrect, that is not especially large.

10. The rest of the adventure path does not even mention the godmind urn. How can a DM better integrate the artifact into scenarios, and ensuring that it enhances scenarios rather than complicating them in a troublesome way? It does not even have a link to book #10, which is called "Godmind."
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It is an open-ended item. I made it a seed of Gidim Hivemind, lost in Lanjyr before the Axis seal closed. Consider it a plot McGuffin for an unnamed plot, I don't think you have to focus on such minute details.
1. Use your judgement for what will work in your campaign
2. Don't even understand your question.
3. A gun is a machine , tinker is a master of machines including guns as can be seen in the AP fairly obviously for his purposes guns are machines
4. I would let them get a bit from it but in the same way their use of their spirit empathy is limited to a few uses per day , I would let them commune with the orb a few times per day. Maybe more if they take the prestige class
5. Slowly means not immediatly but over a time frame appropriate for your campaign could be days or weeks, even months although there aren't any months in this world. Also varies on the strength of will of the character and how much he uses it. Use your judgement
6. They are a large part of what the orb does and contribute to the insanity and none active powers the game mechanic is just there to explain the effects.
7. Use the animate object spell for guidance and then use your judgement depending what the object is and what the sphere of influence the pc has fire probably works differently than fey
8. How does Tinker use it? He tends to carry it with him or keep it near him no mention of it floating around or being worn or carried all the time
9 . Pick a size you like, maybe it changes depending on its owner, tinker is fairly small so it probably is not a foot in diameter, but Orbs as jewelery tend to be a few inches across . Pick one you like it's down to your choice
10. By using the judgmental skills you develop as a GM , if you think the urn is going to make your life too difficult make sure no pc's end up with it , there is a perfectly good volcano for it to fall into, or make the madness sufficiently inconvenient they dump it.