St.Louis/Vandalia IL Area Players wanted for in person table-top gaming RPG


Need Players
Serious Gamers Unite! Looking for 5-6 players to meet and greet and teach this epic game to -- where you plot and scheme to become Emperor/Empress, helping each other against the game master (Storyteller). In person preferred so we can enjoy friendship, pizza, and an excellent role playing experience set in a very magical Imperial Rome (to start). I will provide character sheets and the players books to those who are worthy! Role-play includes all times, even up to Steampunk and Cyber Age (but we'll start in Imperial Rome!).



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Need Players
I live in gillespie
42Yo Male, easy going.
Interested, am having trouble finding a game myself
Hope to hear from you
Hi Mattstats, you're about an hour away. Would like to meet up half way somewhere and at least we don't have to drive through that traffic mess in St. Louis! Any suggestions? I'm 52, and laid back but sure do miss gaming with friends! Maybe somewhere in Taylor Springs that will let us have a beer over some early dinner / late lunch while we can sit there for an hour and I can show you the game.
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