Pathfinder 1E Stabbing eyes, slicing off hands, and fun stuff like that

Are there PF mechanics for delimbing and maiming that don't require high-level magic? Something, say, a 10th level crime boss could have? I'm coming from a 4e mindset, so I'm thinking of stuff like finishing moves ("If this attack reduces you to 0 HP or below, he digs your eye out with his knife, rendering you permanently blind in that eye.")

Heck, are there rules for being down an eye?

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Heck, are there rules for being down an eye?

Astonishingly, no. Not even the cyclops monster entry notes any special weakness from this.

At the very least, I would halve all range increments for that character, and impose a -2 penalty on all vision-related Perception checks (-4 if the object being viewed is at 30 feet or greater distance). I'd also make it so that being threatened by 3+ enemies results in being flanked, regardless of positioning, to account for reduced visual angle.

The above are realistic penalties. For a more cinematic game (or for a character who has trained himself to adjust to the disability by spending a feat or by being one-eyed since many years ago), drop everything except the range increment penalty.


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"Permanently blind" = "until cure blindness is cast".

Removal of the eye would mean holding out for a Regeneration spell.


Well, if it's an action that you're thinking requires the victim to be 0 HP or less, then why not just make it require a coup-de-grace action or use the same mechanic? Full-round action, results in the eye being dug out.


Well, like I said, coup-de-grace already requires a helpless opponent. A victim at 0 hp or fewer would certain fit the requirements for it. I don't know of any PF rules specifically governing dismemberment or organ removal, but I think likening it to a coup-de-grace would be close enough for government work.


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I'd say keep it simple and don't let it bypass positive HP, which exist to prevent crippling injury.

Finishing strike: Take -4 to hit and describe what limb you want to sever or break. If the attack's damage takes the foe to 0 or fewer HP, you succeed, otherwise the attack only inflicts damage as usual. Eyes and genitals require a -8 to hit penalty in most situations.

Useful against orcs and other foes who keep swinging while dying, otherwise it is just for cathartic showing off.
Ultimate Combat has a variant rule that may be of use - Called Shots
What rules? The Called shot entry looks like it was missing a paragraph or a table.
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For some reason I'm thinking that the Skull and Shackles Player's Guide included rules for stuff like this. You might check there - I think that's where the rules for piracy-oriented stuff like eyepatches and peg-legs showed up, so it makes sense that's also where the rules are that results in you losing eyes and limbs.


While not official Pathfinder, Rite Publishing's In the Company of Kappa feature a racial paragon class for kappa, called the Bone Breaker that special maneuvers to either break objects or break bones that target specific limbs at varying levels - legs, arms, torso and skull.

Leg breaks equal a certain amount of movement loss based on amount of damage conferred and Dex damage. Arms confer Str damage. Torso (rib cracking) cause CON damage, and 20th level skull fracture leads to major damage and death.

Not quite what you're asking, but this could help...

Epic Threats

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