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Release Star System Set: Querritix (FG VTT)


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New Release
Star System Set: Querritix (FULL SET)
AAW Games

With multiple limbs, multiple eyestalks, and a mesmerizing bioelectric glow running along their glide wings, the Haesten, of the Querritix system, are not your typical race of humanoid aliens. Solitary retreats and isolated communities dot the asteroid-ravaged glaciers and low-grav jungles of the system. And within these far-flung sanctuaries lie alien philosophers and mystics, the greatest of whom wield the powers of a biofield that stretches the breadth of the galaxy!

*Alien Race: The Haesten
*Planet: Rendari
*Monsters: Haesten Hatchling and Haesten Rogue Brain Pod
*Character Options: Boarding Weapons and Ship Styles of the Haesten
*Equipment: The Biofield
*Mini-Adventure: Trouble in the Nursery

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