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Starfinder Starfinder Preview Looks At The Mystic Class


We have an exciting new preview of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game direct from Paizo Publishing and features an introduction from James L. Sutter that is exclusive to EN World. This preview is a couple of spreads from the upcoming core book. It gives us a look at what the layout of the book will look like, and some clues about will be in the book as well.

According to Sutter:

Here we’ve got the opening spread for the mystic class, as well as an example of one of our core race entries.

For the shirren racial spread, you can see that we’ve got all of the mechanical racial abilities on the left, as well as a quick overview of the race and illustrations of two sample individuals (generally male and female, when such distinctions are common in a culture). On the right-hand page, we’ve got a bunch of information about the race’s physiology and culture, plus sample names to help get players creating characters. Probably the most exciting element of Starfinder racial entries for me—learning from something we did in Pathfinder’s Inner Sea Races—is that “Playing a _____” sidebar, which gives players not just an idea of how characters of that race might act or see themselves, but how other races might see them as well.

For the mystic spread, I should note that this is not the full text of the class, just the first two pages to show off some of the key design elements. You can, however, see all of the mystic’s abilities listed on the class table—while mystic abilities often revolve around their spells and connection powers, thus making them fairly straightforward, many of the classes have a wide variety of different abilities that come into play at different levels. You can also see from this table that, unlike Pathfinder where spells go up to 9th level, Starfinder spells max out at 6th. At the moment, all spellcasting classes in Starfinder are spontaneous casters (similar to Pathfinder’s sorcerer), meaning they don’t have to prepare their spells in advance.


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Z. H. Darkstar

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While I'm probably not going to play this, I'm glad that Paizo is using the name Mystic for one of the Starfinder classes. Hopefully, that'll encourage WotC to change the name of the 5e psionic class of the same name.


I have never seen a Paizo published book before. This looks like D&D in space.

I can honestly say they do quality work with their production values. Whether Paizo's take on D&D is to your liking or not, they consistently make professional, beautiful products.

All right, so a few things known here:

1) mystic spells and spells known are similar to Sorcerers (4 cantrips and 2 lvl 1 spells);
2) spell save DC formula hasn't changed (10 + ability + spell lvl)
3) they get bonus spells for high ability score, and apparently bonus spells known for their "connections"
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Looks interesting, to me.

I was on the fence about Starfinder, but it now has my interest. I think I'm really looking forward to learning the story elements behind it.


The blindsense of the shirrin seems to do very little other than allow them to ignore visual mods for being unseen when making the old "I know you're there" check. I guess it's a very non-specific sense that at best allows you to know which square/hex something is that you can't see, but that's it.

Also, the Mystic just looks like a reskin of the Sorcerer, and I'm fine with that.

I'm really interested in Starfinder, and the Free RPG Day goodie, though it wasn't what I was hoping for, still stoked my interest even more. I may not be totally thrilled with everything, but it does look very interesting. :cool:


After D&D 5e's spell system, I feel like the Pathfinder/3.5 one seems antiquated and rigid. I'm also not very inspired by what I am seeing here, this is just a space cleric/wizard. The actual spells will define the feel of the game more...I guess.

Stone Dog

The connections are going to do a lot to make Mystic characters from feeling too much like bog standard clerics, I think. From the Paizo blog on the topic, "The mystic selects from the akashic, empath, healer, mindbreaker, overlord, or star shaman connection, which grant powers ranging from access to the Akashic Record to the power to explode heads." I assume the Technomancer (the other casting class) will have similar customization.
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I want to know how the Shirrens' mouths are hinged. Look at the rows of teeth running along their necks. Seems to me like those stiff collars would be uncomfortable.


Um, this looks awesome. I long ago left this system bhnd, but willing to return for this. Or use their stuff for Coriolis-rules games. Either way, I am having a bit of a boon in Sci-Fi ATM, so I will definitely get a hold of this :)


1/day 1 reroll. Sounds... awesome... not. Try 1/encounter would be ideal. Seriously, saving all day for 1 reroll?

Different system, different balance points. It's better to see the whole thing before deciding. Just like I'm not sold on the new ability score increases, but I'm waiting to see how it plays out in the first campaign I run.

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