Starship Building Rework?

I have seen many people across the internet as equally disappointed in starship building as I am, but I have yet to find any kind of real re-work either official or 3rd party (including simple homebrew). I'm wondering if anyone has seen any good fixes for the starship building?

And if there isn't any kind of updated system, I was thinking of doing one myself, and would like some opinions. In a nutshell, my aim would be:

  • Divorce the BP system from levels, and make it a system based on benefactors providing ships and/or parts, as well as gaining BP by salvaging, making friends, and doing favors. Monetary values would also be attached, but would be so expensive that BP is a far more attractive system, possibly supplemented by a bit (a lot) of cash.
  • Recreate the Expansion Bays into system so that they are a constant size, and are more appropriately distributed between different frames.
  • Redefine how some bays work, primarily adjusting volume of occupancy for whatever is help to be more realistic (and scalable as ships become larger and more Expansion Bays become available). As a side, probably add a few new bays of my own.
  • Make some new static components to ships, primarily escape pods. Other larger things such as life boats and shuttles would still need Expansion Bays, but escape pods would be a default for any larger ship. Similar to how crew quarters are always present, but you can pay to make them better, escape pods would start as bare bones, maybe not even be enough for everyone, but could be upgraded to increase quantity, occupancy per pod, extend life support, etc.
  • Change the frames so that all ships of the same size category are all the same, but then each specific frame has a few things that make it unique, thus both streamlining the system while making types of ships feel more unique than arbitrarily having more expansion bays or such.

Again, my initial hope is to find a re-done ship building system already out there. And if not, looking for some input on how to make my re-work better, and see if there is anything I am missing that needs to be included in the fix.

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