WOIN Starship Construction Questions: Traits


So, how many Traits can a ship have? It says I can switch them anytime for 1Mcr per Hull Class, so if you have multiple Traits only one is active at the same time?

Is there no other cost (or cost increase) to Traits?

Aside: The 1.3 errata PDF text is all out of alignment with broken text. strange symbols. I'm guessing the Borian editor was a little "literal" in some of the translations? :D

Another Aside: The starship constructor online doesn't seem to include Traits?

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Well, that was fun
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The online starship builder was done by a third party. I have no way to update it. You'd have to contact them (I can't get any response from them, but feel free to try!)

Do you have the Starship Recognition Manual? It explains traits in more detail.Y ou can have two at any time.

1.3 errata? Have you travelled into the future? Which document are you referring to there? :)


I have the SCM! I couldn't find the limit on Traits. So you can have two active at anytime, and then for the 1Mcr per hull class, switch them out?

No problem on the software, I'm building out a Google Sheet so I can a) add custom components and b) get those calcs I need. :D I will share it when I'm done.

I found a file called scm_errata_v1.3 (pdf) on the InterTubes. I thought it was official... http://www.woinrpg.com/s/scm_errata_v13.pdf

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