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Starship Cartographer
As I've just launched my latest starship project: the Ulysses-class integrated survey vessel. This rugged craft is composed of two mid-sized ships that can work independently or joined together. The "Carrack" section is the base of operations with cargo holds, science labs, and general facilities. The "Dromon" is s VTOL heavy lifter meant to haul the Carrack planetside and handle security issues.

Together they carry a crew of up to eighteen and have everything an adventurous group of explorers or mercenaries might need in a home away from home. The campaign features a 24x36 inch poster, set of ship miniatures, and digital documents plus images of the maps.

Ulysses: Starship Map & Miniature

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Starship Cartographer
I have the physical good now. It's always so cool to finally get to hold what you've been working on digitally for weeks.
The campaign wraps up on Tuesday and will start shipping by the end of next week.

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