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The Grinning Frog


The Frog goes to space - want to come with us? There are riches to be found, although you will have to deal with aliens, environmental effects and the constant tick down of the clock.

I never set out to write an RPG but this game has a character generation system, a level up process and is designed to play out across multiple adventures (if you wish - you can also just play a single session as a simple game.) I guess you could call it an RPG lite. I've never been one who cares what the definition of things are particularly, I prefer the big picture. What you have here is a fun adventure game that puts you into the spacesuit of a scavenger living by raiding derelict spaceships searching for data and physical salvage. There are skills to learn, combat to be had, tactical decisions to make and it all works solo just great :) It should, we've play tested it a lot!

The game system is an evolution of the one you can find in Zilight, which is our popular solo play zombie game. (There are now three versions available.) As this is set in space and you have more sophisticated weapons, we have made the game more nuanced whilst striving to hold fast to our belief that game mechanics should be intuitive, smooth and enhance a theme. Obviously easier said than done but we've worked hard on it.

Lots more pictures on the kickstarter page and we smashed through all the stretch goals in the first few days, so you'll get a bonus mission and upgraded paper as well in both books.

Our intention at The Grinning Frog, is that we once you have bought the rules, you can then pick and choose from the different missions (called assignments) and play those to level up your character. With the core rules, you get one mission, plus a new one that has been unlocked with the Kickstarter and we will keep producing them on a rolling basis going forward.

We are very excited about this. Do please come have a look!

Note: The game, and adventure, will be professionally edited prior to release. Everything you see at this point is raw work-in-progress.
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The Grinning Frog


Stretch goals are tumbling so here's a peak - everyone gets a postcard map. And if you don't want it, you can always send it to someone. PDF backers get a digital copy.

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