D&D 5E Starting a new campaign tomorrow! Thoughts and house rules

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He / Him
The Session 0 went great!

All the players were super enthusiastic and overflowing with ideas. We flipped through various books and talked about what they wanted to play. Then we went through the Campaign Creation Questions. I just facilitated, revoiced, and clarified. Here's the campaign premise they came up with:

This is an Epic Fantasy with opportunities for exploration and politics. The setting is "standard fantasy" with a mix of environments.

Long ago, the realm was much more magical. Gods walked the land. Then a mysterious sovereign took over. They forced out the gods and starting hoarding knowledge, keeping it from the people.

The main foes for the characters will be corrupt institutions and corrupted nature. One source of corruption is the influence of aberrations. The players liked the idea of revealing that some human-looking enemy is actually a weird tentacle person in disguise. This same force is corrupting nature, causing weird plant and animal monsters to arise.

One interesting thing that came up was that the players want times of intense danger... But also "hang out" sessions in which the characters don't get up to much at all.

The characters are all prisoners brought to a border town in order to find something in the wilderness. The town was once a dragon hatchery but has been corrupted by capitalism! It is led by a group of clever but violent elders. They will meet Smog, a dark elf leading a rebellion against the leadership.

I have a lot to think about before the first session!

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