Stone Mountain, GA, USA OD&D(1974) looking for gamers


Looking for gamers for the only true game.

Learn to use your imagination. Explore the world in a new way. Challenge yourself and others as you work as a party.

All comers welcome.

Warning: This game can cause addiction.
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I live in Hawaii but I'd be interested to play by post, as in by snail mail. Would consider e-mail too. Probably not what you had in mind, though.

We fly through there somewhat frequently (well, Ok...maybe once a year) on the way to Spartanburg SC to see my family. I can't find any 2ed or earlier players either. Everyone seems to be too caught up in buying this or that new book that comes out for 3/3.5. It's too bad, eh? I started by playing 3ed and then became intrigued by the earlier stuff and would like to find someone to play with.


Admittedly, I don't own the wooden box set or anything, but I do have the 1E books and Cyclopedia. What kind of game do you plan on running, anyways? (other than ruleset)

BTW, I'd need a ride to Stone Mountain too.
But I am a little closer than HI :)

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