Gamers Wanted! Stone Mountain, GA, USA OD&D(1974) looking for gamers


Looking for gamers for the only true game.

Learn to use your imagination. Explore the world in a new way. Challenge yourself and others as you work as a party.

All comers welcome.

Warning: This game can cause addiction.
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I live in Hawaii but I'd be interested to play by post, as in by snail mail. Would consider e-mail too. Probably not what you had in mind, though.
We fly through there somewhat frequently (well, Ok...maybe once a year) on the way to Spartanburg SC to see my family. I can't find any 2ed or earlier players either. Everyone seems to be too caught up in buying this or that new book that comes out for 3/3.5. It's too bad, eh? I started by playing 3ed and then became intrigued by the earlier stuff and would like to find someone to play with.


Admittedly, I don't own the wooden box set or anything, but I do have the 1E books and Cyclopedia. What kind of game do you plan on running, anyways? (other than ruleset)

BTW, I'd need a ride to Stone Mountain too.
But I am a little closer than HI :)


still looking for players.

as it stands i have only one definite. 2 lurkers. and 5 maybes. with 6 others hanging in the wings.

edit: it really promises to be a very different game they you are used to with the newer editions.

very lethal. very action packed. very challenging.
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Diaglo, this is going to sound cooky, but how would you feel about visiting Raleigh, NC for the weekend of May 8th, and running a game for the Enworld Gameday there? :) We can always use another game at a table, and you'll definitely find some takers out of the crowd.

Just an idle thought.



that's our regularly scheduled weekend of play. i don't think i could convince the whole group to travel to raleigh.

and howandwhy99,

no, i'm not dropping out. i'm trying to get youse guys to drop in. :lol:


set in stone?

diaglo said:
hoping to start the campaign March 28th.

1200 hrs until ...1800 hrs or so.

Sounds intriguing. Started gaming in '79. Familiar with the boxed set. Haven't played much for the past 15 years. Recently started looking for a game. Live in Marietta, work in Midtown. Not sure about the 28th but could try.