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So . . . I know a lot about the history of the magazine . . . But how are the wargames that come with it these days. (I've even looked at a couple without the game part at a magazine store and they look neat in terms of the military history.) The price tag is a little heafty for a subscription without getting some thoughts . . .

Any of you folks get the magazine these days?

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Eternal Optimist
I'm afraid I don't know. Most of my wargames come from MMP and GMT games at present, and I pick up C3i magazine regularly, but S&T isn't on my buy list; partly because I have Too Many Wargames already to play.

I don't see much chatter on boardgamegeek about good S&T games; there may be some on consimworld, but I don't frequent those folders.



First Post
Sorry for another "I don't know".

I think that asking at Consimworld would be a good idea, and maybe you can glean some insight at Web Grognards. Those are maybe the closest things these days to Fire & Movement, Moves or The Wargamer. I think the S&T Web site is probably not much help, but maybe I am confusing some other with it and in any case that was some time ago.

I lost interest in S&T and Command years ago, partly because the games had always been a mixed bag and it seemed the ratio of hits to misses was getting pretty expensive. Of course, one might personally like well enough something that others don't rate very highly. "If you like/don't like X, then ..." is often a helpful tip.

You might look at, e.g., Noble Knight and eBay to see about back issues. The prices and availability alone might give some idea of how many lackluster games (by the market's assessment) you would go through between real winners.

I mean, if you don't have a sub and instead try to cherry-pick games, then you'll be looking at something like that. $X on eBay for so many games you want, or $Y on a sub for those plus games you don't want -- less whatever you get for selling those (plus what your time is worth).

You can pick up some back issues that way -- or maybe even directly -- and see at first hand what they're like.

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