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5E Streams or podcasts where the groups complete a "standard adventuring day" in a 4 hour session?

Scott Christian

On the notion of time, anyone ever think that some of the player talk about what to do, what the real problem may be, or what might be upcoming is noted as say, "campfire" talk. That's how I view it. That's what the characters would be doing at the inn, around a campfire, in the study, etc. This type of dialogue is great, but it too also uses quite a bit of time.

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True. But there is a close correlation between how many typical adventuring days worth of experience you would need to level and how many play sessions we are told you would need to level, and I think the four hour standard for a session has been expressed by the designers at some point. In other words, yes you have to string some things together, but the math does more or less add up and accord with what the folks who wrote the core rulebooks intended.
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Magic Wordsmith
We did eight fights last night in my 4-hour Forge of Fury game (15 min worth of breaks included). Call it six since in some cases it was two encounters pulled into one fight. Plus lots of exploration, some social interaction, traveling, and leveling up mid-session.

I bring up the same hurdle I have for running faster games that I always do in these sorts of threads: my and my players absolute inability to do math.

Adding the requirement of online setup and play what with having to relearn how to use virtual tabletop programs, java scripting to handle macros, and the nonstop adjusting of volumes of mics/speaker, inability of players to use push to talk correctly or find a good headset/mic, unstable internet connections, and constantly questioning if I'm on the right map layer or where in the NINE HELLS my cursor is because now it matters which screen I'm on? All due to the plague which is still spreading and ravaging the world that makes me question if I'll even have a game/players/the internet/global society itself in a year as I watch in horror as my country descend into fascism with nearly a third of the people there swandiving willingly? Yeah...the results have NOT been optimal.

Gods I miss playing in person. At least keeping track of monsters' HP is easy in a VTT? 🤷‍♂️
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