D&D 5E Strixhaven Spelljamming Curriculum, or how would you combine the 2 settings?

Because I'm reading through one book while recently getting the other one, I wondering what happens when Strixhaven becomes a place one can visit though Spelljamming and what are it's courses it offers in relation to Spelljamming. Now Strixhaven says it can be paced anywhere a DM wants whether it be somewhere on Toril, or in Sigil or as an interplanar nexus, possibly even on the Rock of Bral itself (which can also be placed anywhere the DM wants too).

But I'm going to work on the assumption that it's on the world of Arcavios like it's assumed to be in MtG. Which brings the question of what or where Arcavios might be in relation to other worlds. I guess the planet Arcavios could also be in Bralspace assuming that the Rock of Bral is in a system of its own.

So combining the 2 settings we have Hadozee and Reigar who are involved in the Prismari college, Thri-Kreen and Plasmoids involved with Witherbloom, Giff enrolling in Lorehold trying to rediscover their lost world, Mercane instructors in Silverquill, and Autognome engineers in Quandrix. And with Spelljamming as a subject of study at Strixhaven with a related space dock and landing area for Spelljamming ships, what kind of things might Strixhaven bring for those Spelljammers who have become enrolled over there? What do Spelljammers bring to Strixhaven other than potentially more students? Beyond just Strixhaven itself, is the rest of Arcavios even a planet of note for Spelljammers?
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Cool idea.

There could be classes on crafting Spelljamming helms, navigating Spelljamming ships, Wildspace history, Xenobiology classes and the like.

Exotic plants, spices, creatures, minerals, books and other objects could be traded with distant planets or other systems. For example Nubar crystals from the Neketar system (a competely made up system) might be useful in the creation of wands. Zoridian fireflies from the Xancik system (another made up system) might be popular among students for the musical notes and hypnotic colors they exude as they fly about (popular at Raves and the like). Strixhaven's biotanical gardens may contain rare and exotic samples from distant systems, as may it's zoo. Some species from distant systems may be sold as pets or be "unofficial" mascots of various departments.

It may be the case that some spelljamming crews will take on Strixhaven students in need of work to aid with flying duties or lending (magical) assistance or protection collecting some of these rare exotics or beating off creatures that guard these resources. Other spelljammers may offer field trips or pleasure cruises to distant worlds, some of which may be subtly dangerous.

So in trying to think of what each college might specialize in for spelljamming.

Lorehold and it's emphasis on Archaeology would go deep into the history of ancient Spelljamming empires, the origins of the Kreen, the Reigar and the subject of the Juna.
Prismari and their focus on the elemental magic and art, would be very into elemental planets, nebulas, space maelstroms, and suns, along with a derivative of the Reigar idea of Art/Aesthetics.
Quandrix and their focus on math and physics are of course going to focus on Astrophysics, but also some concepts on the Astral Plane since it's a mathematical curiosity.
Witherbloom is all about biology and necromancy, so Xenobiology would be a big thing for them, especially the study of species that live in wildspace and places life doesn't normally thrive.
Silverquill is all about words along with emotions and politics, so they'd focus on interstellar politics and domains in the Astral Plane which in many ways is a plane of thought.

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