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I have been buying my Dungeon magazine at the local gaming shop until now, but have started to think about a subscription to maybe both the Dungeon and Dragon magazine. But I would like some feedback from people who live in Europe (Denmark/scandinavia in particular) about delivery times. I would, as everybody else, like to have the magazine when I read about it here, and not 4 weeks after the shops.

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I live in Sweden and have been subscribing to Dragon Magazine for about 6 months.

After I subscribed it felt like it took forever before I got my first issue (I think it was about three months, maybe more), although the issue I got was the month's issue, not a three months old one. So be prepared to buy an issue or two more from your FLGS if you want to be sure not to miss anything.

Since then I have been recieving my Dragon Magazine at the start of every month, with the right issue for the mont in the mailbox (as in october issue in october and so forth).

But I have to admit, I think there's something wrong with my subscription. Somehow I'm getting second copies of some issues, usually a couple of months old. Just a week ago I recieved Dragon #323 again. at first I thought this would mean that I would recieve less magazines, but when I looked up my subscription at it said that I still had all the magazines remaining as I should have, without the copies. So I'm not complaining.:D

Lately I've been giving them to my players who probably wouldn't buy them anyway (although some of them have told me that they've been thinking of subscribing).
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I'm an Australian subscriber but I imagine that my experience is going to be much the same as yours.

I am normally three issues behind my FLGS and everyone on these boards. The only real problem this poses is that every third magazine doesn't arrive... but it takes me three+ months to find this out.

Notwithstanding this, I recently extended my subscriptions to both magazines simply because their customer service is extraordinarily good. A simple email and the missing issue is replaced and normally arrives in only a week. That reminds me, issue 321 is still missing despite a recent email....

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