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Suggestion: could Enworld raise the pixel limits on their avatars?


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The 64 by 64 pixels or 5000 bytes thing is very limiting. Whenever I try to make my own custom avatar, the board refuses me, saying it's too big. And even if you try to resize something, past a certain point, the color goes all screwy.

*sighs.... but i do enjoy my cute kittty avatar. ;)

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Michael Morris

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Maybe when we get the new server, but definitely not until. The last thing we need is to increase bandwidth and processor time / page, especially on the forums.

Well, that's my opinion at least.


We'll probably bump them a bit when the new server is online; we'll want to check bandwidth requirements first. How big is your custom avatar, kirinke?


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Yes, I saw that happen too. TiQuinn had a tall avatar, definitely more than 64 high.

Maybe the limit isn't 64 high, 64 wide, but 4096 total -- letting you get a 102x40 avatar, for example... (If that's indeed the case, I propose permaban to anyone who try getting a 1x4096 avatar!)


BigFreekinGoblinoid said:
I occassioanly see avatars here larger than the 64 by 64 limit. How does this happen ? - or am I losing my recollective marbles?

When they are added through the Admin CP (i.e. by me or Russ or Pkitty), there's nothing to check the size. So several of the batch that I uploaded about a month ago are larger than normally allowed through the User CP. So if you like big avatars, look through the ones offered here.


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heh. doesn't matter what size it is. A fellow enworlder offered to resize some custom avatars for me, but it was still refused. ah well. I guess I'll stick with my cute crouching kitty, dead stump for now.... :p


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whoot! I didn't realize what you where trying to get at. Sorries! here are the ones i really wanted. Thankies!


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