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Suggestions for plot threads needed My prospective players stay out

OK I’m going to be starting a new game the end of this month with a new group and was looking for a few suggestions for lower leveled plot thread to tie into my over all idea. If your planning on joining my group don't read any further.

Ok so as I said I'm going to be starting a new group and have an over all plot idea but I wanted some lower level ideas that tie into the bigger plot. The setting will be in a large, chaotic, and somewhat corrupt city. I've decided that anyone who carries a weapon must have a permit, which is very expensive. The mercenary’s guild has members that act as agents that basically helping you get your permit but you in turn work for them to pay off your debt. They get lots of job offers that they pass off to qualified people. So everyone stays employed, they get paid back for the cost of the permit and a share of whatever treasure that a party takes in.
In this city there are number of noble families and they all war with each other. I was inspired by the house wars of the drow but I didn't want them to be that evil. I.e. slaughtering children and leaving no one alive. I’m still unsure of how I'd like all that to work, but because of this the ruling powers have passed laws limiting the number of "swords" that any house can have. Basically since anyone who carries a weapon must have a permit then they can keep track of where you’re employed. When these houses fight with each other they also higher mercs and that keeps the guild happy also.
The ruling party is going to be made up (I'm not sure of this totally yet either) of the 10 most powerful houses. The 1st house is headed lord Ising. He is the son of the last ruler of the city who was loved by the people and was also a paladin. Lord Ising is an adept ruler and has a close relationship with the head of the mercenaries’ guild. He's very cunning and manipulative. He maintains his rank due mostly due to his keen mind rather than relying on strength alone.
Lord Ising is also popular with the people of the city. He's generous and is a great public speaker etc. He also seems to remain forever young, Sort of like Dick Clark. The people always remark about it. In actuality he is getting older and it scares him. He’s been looking for ways to increase his life, and stay young looking, for a while. That's when he started hearing the voice. It's a voice that has slowly seduced and prodded him. It's the voice of a Glabrezu locked away in the plane of shadow. The demon was banished to a specially made prison that is located in the plane of shadow. The creator of the prison knew that the demon would be able to eventually come back so it devised a way to keep it locked away forever.... almost. So the Glabrezu has been locked away for a long time and wants to get free. It's been in the plan of shadow for a little too long and has learned some interesting secrets, how to make shadow creatures and control undead. It's experimented on other demons that it summoned and any other creatures that it was able to get a hold of. I was thinking about applying the shadow template (Manual of the planes) to it but I'm not sure. So lord Ising is hiring lots of mercenaries to hunt for the tomb of the monster, basically the gateway to its prison. There stone golems and maybe some other things guard it. I wanted to have a lot of stone warriors and one real stone golem. I think that it would be cool smashing apart all these stone guardians and thinking that your all done only to realize that the real big statute in the middle of the room in starting to move! Ising makes it out to be a treasure hunt or something so that he can let the demon free and get his one whish (it's one of the Glabrezu abilities to grant a wish). It's freed and a powerful wave of energy washes out from the portal. All it touches are turned into undead. These undead are combined with the regular troops of the city and are sent out to conquer and destroy.
Of course it's up to the pc's to stop all of this. So I need a few ideas so that I can weave this over all idea into some lower lvl adventures so that when the demon is about to be freed they're of appropriate level and are there for the fight. It's fine if they fail. They will have to defeat the demon and it's army after gaining more power. Ising is turned into an undead puppet that I want to be viewed as a no threat. I think that if the demon is defeated Lord Ising will temporarily be a receptacle for it's life force allowing it to recover and use it's undead armies to cause destruction.

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hmmm.... How bout guarding a warehouse for one of the families- rival forces try an break in, PCs eventually find out what they are guarding includes evil texts/unholy water etc. Of course the house that hired them plausibly denies all knowledge, as their agent is actually working for Lord I. (and is perhaps found dead a little latter depending on the PCs actions. )

nice set up by the way, be careful about two things. One - not tipping your hand to soon (revealing Lord I as BBEEG ) and the second is carefully planning out 10th lvll + adventures for a 1st lvl party. Most of the time I have done this it goes to waste.

That's why I wanted some ideas for lower level adventures. I wanted to make sure that they are the right level and already tied up in the plot. The idea is to have them been small parts of larger actions and evenutally their path leads to the tomb.

John Morrow

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Dareoon Dalandrove said:
The setting will be in a large, chaotic, and somewhat corrupt city. I've decided that anyone who carries a weapon must have a permit, which is very expensive.
I'd suggest leaving one-handed simple weapons and the quarterstaff legal for everyone. That would actually help justify the players carrying things like quarterstaffs and daggers instead of swords and such.

The players will be allowed to carry any weapons that they want. They just need to have the proper license. They'll all have it at the start of the advenuter but will be indebted to an agent of the mercinaries guild, who will provide them with work.

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